Proper choice of ball valve and butterfly valve

Ball valves and butterfly valves are more commonly used valves. Some occasions can be common, and some conditions can only use one of them. The difference between the two lies mainly in the structure and switching principle. Our brief analysis: Ball valve: Plug valve evolved, opening and closing pie-----

Yaxing Costed Bus's best fuel-efficient combination…

On January 26, Yaxing Bus, in cooperation with Yangchai and Nan Weike, based on the theoretical calculations and experiments of the three-party technical team in the first four months, made the best fuel-saving combination formula of Koest, namely, Yangchao 4102 high horsepower. The engine YZ4DA7------

Test pump the role and scope of use

1, boost, packing, automatic pressure and the pressure curve shows the value of the function. The pump before use, simply set the upper and lower pressure gauge on the electrical contact pressure gauge and then use the remote control to start the pressure test pump within a certain distance, when t-----