The new darling of the fence market

Under the current market prospect of a hot house decoration, all kinds of decorative accessories gradually attract people's attention. Various floorboards, ceilings, lighting, wallpapers, closets, etc. are actively attacking, and various kinds of balcony guardrails are also on the rise. The infl-----

Titanium dioxide excess capacity

In the first half of the first half of 2015, the price of sulfuric acid-based rutile titanium dioxide generally showed a trend of weaker and stronger and weaker, rising from RMB 12,992/ton in early January to RMB 13,012/ton (including tax) at the end of June. It is 0.16%. In the first half of 2015-----

·Chinese car held its first ceremony in Ireland

On January 13th, SAIC Chase and its franchisees in Ireland and the United Kingdom, Harris Group, held the launching ceremony of SAIC Chase's “Land Business Class” at the West City Hotel in Dublin. Xu Jianguo, Ambassador of the Embassy of Ireland, and Xue He, Counsellor of the Econom-----