Heavy Duty Thick Thread Ornamental Stitching Machine for Leather Shoes

Model NO.: FX-204-106D
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Over-Lock Stitch: Ornamental Stitching Sewing Machine
Trademark: FOXSEW
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: CE
Origin: Zhejiang, China
HS Code: 8452
Heavy Duty Thick Thread Ornamental Stitching Machine for Decorative on Upholstery Leather and Fabrics

Application: Leather Sofas, Fabric Sofas, Automotive Upholstery, Car Interiors, Luggage, Jeans, Fashion Bags, High end Leather Handbags, Tents, Footwear, Shoes Uppers, Saddles, Suitcases, Sunshades, Toys and Decorative Stitching in Upholstered Furniture Industry.
Working Video 1: www.foxsew.com/company-video/double-needle-heavy-duty-thick-thread-ornamental-stitching-machine-for-leather-upholstery-397.html
Working Video 2: www.foxsew.com/company-video/two-needle-heavy-duty-thick-thread-ornamental-stitching-machine-for-decorative-seams-on-upholstery-leather-378.html
Working Video 3: www.foxsew.com/company-video/two-needle-walking-foot-thick-thread-ornamental-stitching-machine-for-decorative-seams-on-upholstery-leather-379.html
Working Video 4: www.foxsew.com/company-video/top-and-bottom-feed-2-points-thick-thread-zigzag-stitching-machine-418.html
Working Video 5: www.foxsew.com/company-video/heavy-duty-thick-thread-ornamental-stitching-machine-483.html
Working Video 6: www.foxsew.com/company-video/heavy-duty-thick-thread-ornamental-stitching-machine-484.html
Working Video 7: www.foxsew.com/company-video/heavy-duty-ornamental-stitching-machine-for-decorative-seams-on-soft-furnishing-fabrics-491.html
Working Video 8: www.foxsew.com/company-video/ornamental-stitching-machine-for-decorative-seams-on-upholstery-430.html

This machine is free programmable and is delivered standard with 200 patterns, can carry out functional and ornamental stitching on heavy leather, technical textile and industrial textiles; Fancy or special custom patterns can be created and stored on operation panel, which offer the machine application possibilities in a lot of different areas; Easy to switch pattern during sewing; Easy to operate and maintain.


Model NO.:
Sewing Speed 0-800 r.p.m
Stitch Length 0-15 mm
Zigzag Width 0-16 mm
Needle Type DY X 3
Shuttle Hook KSP-204N
Presser Foot Lift 15 mm
No. of Patterns More than thousands (Programmable)

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