New breakthrough in photovoltaic equipment, polycrystalline silicon casting furnaces and other successful development

Recently, Changzhou Huasheng Tianlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is relying on Tsinghua University project technology development and production of photovoltaic polysilicon casting equipment "DZF260 type polysilicon casting furnace" came out, the product quality has reached the international advanced level.

Although China's polysilicon industry is not late, but the development is slow, production, technology, process backward, outdated equipment, polysilicon casting equipment basically relies on imports, and China's successful research and development of photovoltaic polysilicon casting equipment, for China's polysilicon production technology leaps, It also brings benefits to supporting manufacturers in the downstream industry chain, whose prices are only 1/3 of imported equipment.

In addition, Shandong Province has recently made breakthrough progress in the optoelectronics industry. The State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials of Shandong University has successfully developed a 2 inch silicon carbide single crystal furnace. The last difficulty in the industrialization of silicon carbide single crystal was successfully broken and realized All the localization of crystal growth furnace manufacturing, single crystal growth, substrate processing and application, and the successful development of single crystal furnace filled the domestic gap and broke the foreign monopoly.

Spindle Assembly is a crucial part for your lawn mower cutting deck that work together with the pulleys and belts to perform clean and even mowing. 

It is combined from bearings, spindle housings, spindles, tubes, dust cap, screw nuts, etc.

Which kind of spindle assembly does QFQP produce?

We produce various kinds of spindle assembly, especial for riding mower (with aluminum/ductile iron housings). All parts assembled by our experienced workers.

Where are the products sold?

Main of our customers is from USA, CANADA.

Why choose QFAP?

We have specialized in producing high precision mechanical parts more than 10years, got 6years experience on mower deck spindle assembly.

All of our cooperators are large bearing companies, mower companies or agricultural equipment companies, most of our products are shipped to North America and Europe.

Because of the long term cooperation, we could supply our customers not only the products but also our recommendation on the designs to saving costs.

To meet your demand, we are a manufacturer, also we are a designer.

Spindle Assembly

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