Accurate and reasonable grinding of forming tools

Over the past 20 years, NUMROTOplus software has evolved into a standard solution for tool grinding and is suitable for 30 different machine types. Many tool makers and tool sharpeners realized the significant advantages of the software's independent programming and chose to install NUMROTOplus software. Forming cutters have increased sales by 500 times in the past 10 years, and its functions cover a wide range of applications.

The market for forming tools and special tools has increased significantly in the past few years. When the sales of standard tools (such as milling cutters and drills) slowed down, the sales of molding tools and special tools increased at a rate of 10% per year. An important reason was that the market pursued a rationalized production process. For example, parts processing in the automotive industry, the past production is the processing of workpieces placed on the center, through a number of independent processing, and the replacement of a large number of single tools to complete the final processing. The current production requires only a special multi-purpose tool to be used in a single process. The most obvious advantage of using this type of tool is that it saves machining time and shortens the production process due to a reduction in the amount of tooling used in the machining process.

In addition, the advantages of this change can not be ignored:

(1) The entire production process is made faster due to the reduction of the required tools in the machining process. The tolerance of the part geometry is only related to the accuracy of the tool, and no longer relates to the accuracy of the machining center.

(2) The production process is easier to manage. Because the tool is mainly made of hard alloy material, the best cutting edge geometry can be formed during the grinding process, and the quality of the machined surface of the part is improved.

The key to obtaining high-precision molding tools and special tools and optimal cutting edge geometry is the need for a mature tool manufacturing programming software.

"Ordinary" forming cutter

The sipe of the tool can be rotated or directly ground using an ordinary circular or conical milling cutter. Both left-handed or right-handed tools have left-handed or right-handed grinding functions. The core thickness can be programmed via cycles or variables. In addition, the user can also use the shear angle cutter to grind, this solution is especially suitable for the grinding of high-speed steel bar and hard alloy steel plate welding material, but not for the grinding of the full hard alloy bar stock. Since the position of the welded steel plate is indefinite, it must be determined before grinding, the exact spatial path of the grinding on the clamping surface is calculated, and the grinding of the relief angle is determined according to the relevant path, which ensures that the desired profile is reached High-precision grinding results.

When processing the back corners, you can use the cup, sharp, round and column grinding wheels as necessary. It is also generally possible to use a secondary blade to grind back angles along the cutting edge. Another method is to use a continuous back-angle path for machining by rolling grinding.

Universal cutter forming cutter

High process rationality; the cutting edge of each tool is only used to grind a part of the entire contour. NUMROTOplus software also allows free definition of contours on the teeth. If necessary, individual teeth can be individually programmed for the radial relief angle and the axial relief angle to reduce the irregular operation of the tool and the generation of sharp corners.

For cross-knife production, the profile end faces can be ground right-handed and the rest of the profile can be ground left-handed. This ensures that the tool remains optimally ground in the vertical profile.

Contour steel plate, formed reversing steel plate, forming rotary chisel and gear cutting tool

The cutting edge geometry of the profile cutter can be handled in the same way in the grinding system of the grinding machine and in the clamping system of the machining center. However, the grinding of the contour steel disc and the forming return disc in the clamping system of the machining center is different from the grinding in the clamping system of the grinding machine. NUMROTOplus software calculates the cutting edge geometry based on the position of the steel plate on the clamping system in the machining center and then converts it to the clamping system of the grinding machine. The sipes can also be ground, but the precise grinding of the back corners in the sipe must be taken into consideration in order to prevent contour distortions during grinding.

In the long-term production, tool makers mostly use the “Milling Cutter” in NUMROTOplus software to program and grind. The scope of application of the software covers such a wide range, due to the superior flexibility and maturity of the software. The NUMROTOplus software team, which has extensive experience in the field of tool grinding, uses outstanding technical expertise, based on Windows application software, and constantly develops innovations, providing the best guarantee for NUMROTOplus software users to successfully use the software.


Dimensions:                                   2250*1400*1640mm

Maximum speed:                          50km/h
Economic speed:                          35km/h
Grand ability:                                 12º (20%)
Wheelbase:                                    1560mm
Trackbase:                                     1106/1126mm(front),1146mm/1166mm(rear)
Rated passenger number:           2 persons (including driver)
Curbweight:                                   720kg
Weight without battery:               450kg
Min.ground clearance:                 134mm
Tire size(mm):                               1/65 R12
Transmission system:                 CVT
Motor contral system:                 48V/4.5kw AC motor
Charge(input v/kw):                     single AC charging
Charging time:                              8-10h
Batteries:                                       Free maintenance Acid-lead battery 8v/150Ah*6pieces
Max.cruising range:                     120-150km under speed 35km/h
Range:                                            72KM (at max speed)
Range:                                            86KM (at 50 km/h)
Range:                                            110KM (at 40km/h)
Body structure:                              Module type car standard
Suspended system:                      Mc Person type front suspension,Intergal rear bridge
Brake system:                                Front:disc /Rear:drum
Min.turning radius:                       4.5m
Parking brake:                               Mechanical cable type
Qty/container:                               8pcs/40HQ,4pcs/20GP
Delivery time:                                30days
color option:                                  Red,Blue,Orange,White,Green,Yellow

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