Yuchai presents the world with a green power brand

In the bidding for the third batch of State IV engines for Beijing buses held prior to the opening of the Olympic Games, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. took 100% of the winning bids and collected all scalars at one stroke. Yuchai's nearly 2,000 Taiwan IV engines won the bid in three bids, occupying 40% of Beijing's 4,200 Olympic buses and breaking the status of imported engines. It is reported that compared with the vehicles of the National III standard, the emission of particulate matter in the exhaust gas of the National IV standard is reduced by 80%, and the power is greater and more fuel-efficient.

Why is this diesel engine plant, which is located near the borders of the southern country, and has a long history of success? A few days ago, the reporter visited the Yuchai Group in Yulin City, Guangxi, to explore the background behind this ethnic enterprise's dark horse.

Provide green power for the Olympics

As early as the successful bid for the Olympic Games in 2001, Beijing promised that during the Olympic Games, the air quality reached the national standard and the World Health Organization’s guidelines. The Beijing Bus Group, which is the main force of passenger transport, is also a “big exhauster” and has a direct impact on Beijing’s air quality. For this reason, under the leadership of the State Environmental Protection Administration, relevant industries and departments including Beijing’s public transport have implemented various Measures aimed at improving Beijing's air quality. "The 4200 special buses will be put into use during the Olympic Games." Zheng Shusen, chairman of the Beijing Public Transport Group, said in an interview.

As the engine and supporting parts of Olympic cars, the requirements are extremely strict. The products must be of reliable quality and have a long service life. They meet the requirements of the relevant national standards. They also have qualified testing reports from the national authoritative testing organizations and must provide reports on the use of the units. . Li Jing of Beijing Bus Group told the reporter that after a stringent qualification review, a series of indicators such as performance, technology, output, price, and after-sales reached the standard, there were more than 130 companies that qualified for bidding, of which domestic independent brands occupied a lot. Share.

In 2008, Beijing began to fully implement the National IV emission standards. To this end, the relevant parties began to openly bid for the new IV vehicle assembly and parts in early 2007. Under the conditions of fair competition, Yuchai’s engine has received orders for more than 2000 orders for Beijing Bus IV vehicles in three batches. All have been put on the market to serve the Olympic Games. Yuchai's successful bid rate jumped from 18% in the first batch, 32% in the second batch to 100% in the third batch. “First of all, Yuchai’s engine is relatively stable in emissions and has advantages in environmental protection. Second, low fuel consumption makes its economic performance outstanding. In addition, our products have good dynamic performance and durability.” Yuchai Sales Company Vice President General Manager Chen Xunan said confidently in an interview with reporters.

Guo Deming, secretary general of the Yuchai Group Council, briefed the reporter that the company’s chairman, Junping, came to Beijing when bidding for the first batch of State IV engines. While directing the company's internal bid preparation work, it reported to the Beijing Public Transport Group about the Yuchai State IV engine's product technology, supporting capabilities, supply capacity, and service capabilities. Ultimately, Yuchai became the only domestic engine manufacturer that won the bid in the first batch of State IV tenders and successfully squeezed into the national IV market, breaking the situation in which imported engines dominate the world. Immediately afterwards, Yuchai immediately carried out a series of work such as technology docking, supporting development, supply assurance and after-sales service. At present, the bidding work has basically ended. Yuchai has already started to provide comprehensive service support for the Olympics. To ensure that there are no problems, Yuchai organized a maintenance team to provide full services.

"Green development" is the way out

“Today, there are more and more cars, but there are fewer and fewer blue skies. In the process, the engines that are nicknamed as the “car heart” are inevitably responsible. To improve the environment, cars need to be equipped with a 'green heart'.” At Yuchai Group In the Power Building's office, the reporter saw Yu Ping, the chairman of Yuchai Group. He expressed a dignified expression. From his words, the reporter felt the strong “concerned sense” of the successful entrepreneur.

“If we do not adhere to green development, there will be no way out for the engine industry!” Taking the green road of resource conservation and environmental protection is the core development strategy that Yuchai has established in recent years, said Yuchai’s chairman. "Green development" is not a slogan, but it is Yuchai's development path that has been actively chosen after summarizing lessons learned.

In 2005, Yuchai proposed the core concept of “green development, harmony and mutual benefit”, and upgraded “green development” to the core development strategy of the company. At the 4th Shanghai International Engine and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition in 2007, Yuchai exhibited nine high-standard, low-emission and environmentally-friendly engines, covering automotive engines, engines for construction machinery, marine engines, and agricultural engines. Applications. In addition, Yuchai successfully developed the hybrid passenger car model of the city to achieve the acceleration effect of the six-cylinder engine with a four-cylinder engine, which “reduces fuel consumption in urban conditions by about 20%, and also significantly reduces exhaust emissions.” The Xingxing Nian engineers from the Product Engineering Department told the reporter. He also said that at the end of 2007, Yuchai launched the YC6L-50 V diesel engine with independent intellectual property rights, filling the gap in the diesel engine of China's high-level emission standards.

“Green manufacturing” is the concept of manufacturing under the guidance of Yuchai’s new strategic thinking. “The so-called green manufacturing is to achieve the goal of zero in six aspects of waste, loss, and defects.” Yuchai Executive Deputy General Manager Liang Heping According to the introduction, "We have adopted full-scale control in the production process by optimizing the design, improving the process, introducing advanced equipment, and installing environmental protection facilities, so that electricity consumption and fuel consumption are greatly reduced." According to related statistics, in recent years, Yuchai has reduced production energy consumption by about 25% annually. The development of a smart R&D system to reduce waste production rate and defect rate in production and reduce waste gas, waste water, and dust emissions in production have made Yuchai's energy conservation and emission reduction work a new level. Liang Heping said that although Yuchai's "three wastes" emissions have already reached the national standard, they still invest more than 25 million yuan in environmental protection fees every year, striving to achieve better results, and eventually achieving "zero emissions."


Yuchai is currently the largest supplier of independent diesel engines in the country. Its engine production and sales rank first in the country, and its market share ranks first in the country. As the world's largest independent diesel engine production base and China's largest production and export base for small and medium-sized construction machinery, it is hailed as the “Green Capital of China”. In 2007, various operating indicators of Yuchai Group increased rapidly, engine production and sales exceeded 500,000 units, and sales revenue reached 18.35 billion yuan, an increase of 29% year-on-year. For the seventh consecutive year, the industry’s production and sales volume ranked first. At present, the Yuchai brand engine market has more than 1.5 million units, which can provide the market with 13 series and over 2,000 models. The brand value continued to rise, reaching 5.336 billion yuan, becoming the first brand of China's power and ranking 24th among China's top 500 machinery enterprises.

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