What are the functional advantages of vacuum cleaners?

Vacuum cleaner is a new type of sanitation tool cart. It is another environmental weapon that creates a healthy and civilized city and creates a livable environment. Its function is superior to the traditional road sweeper, is a product of scientific and technological progress, technology and new generation, then, what is the working principle of vacuum cleaners? What are the obvious advantages?


At present, common vacuum cleaners adopt the working principle of vacuum suction , which is generally composed of vacuum system, primary and secondary integrated systems, dust recovery system and driving system. Its features and advantages are reflected in several aspects:

1. Simple structure, convenient operation and simple maintenance. Only dust collection and recovery devices, no water storage, water spray devices, no brushing devices.

2. Vacuum type vacuum suction, pure vacuum operation, adopt high-efficiency filtration system to ensure that dust and fine particles can not enter only.

3, cost savings, because do not have to replace the brush head, there is no sprinkler accessories, etc., maintenance is more simple, saving maintenance costs.

4, pure mechanical dust, dust removal rate of up to 90%, and without manual operations, greatly reducing labor costs, but also to avoid the occupational diseases of sanitation workers.

5. It has a wide range of use and strong environmental adaptability and can be used in places where city dust, dust, dust, etc. are easily generated.

6, sustainable operations, the general vacuum cleaner can work continuously for 10 hours, without water, charging, work more efficiently.

In addition to general road cleaning, vacuum cleaners are also widely used in high-dust-contaminated, dusty, high-density and high-density enterprises such as mining plants, coal power plants, flour mills, cement plants, and non-ferrous metal smelters. Factory and so on. Small dust, silt stones are not easy to clean, manual cleaning is very time-consuming and laborious, and it is easy to produce dust pollution. These companies are equipped with vacuum cleaners that can treat both the symptoms and the cause, not only meet the requirements of cleaner production, but also improve the working environment and protect employees. Health and safety enhance corporate image.

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