How much is the price of a 4m2 refrigerated truck?

The term refrigerated truck is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is a transportation vehicle dedicated to vegetables and fresh things. Most friends engaged in such industries are in urgent need of such a means of transportation, then for a 4m2 refrigerated truck , how much money is mainly related to those factors?

The first point is the thickness of the insulation box. The ordinary refrigerated truck insulation box is made of 8 cm thick material. If the thickness of the insulation box of our 4m2 refrigerated truck is not enough, it will affect the quality of the later use. Therefore, when measuring product prices, our best method is to first understand the various parameters of the refrigerated truck , especially the thickness of the insulation box.

The second point is whether the refrigerated car's wrapping material is made of stainless steel. As the saying goes, a penny and a receipt, different materials will have different prices. In general, if the frame and corners are made of stainless steel, the final price will be as much as two to three thousand dollars. For us who choose stainless steel, it can ensure that our future use will be more stable, there will be no threat of rust, and the product life will be longer.

The third point is that the most important thing is that the refrigerator is the core part of the 4m2 refrigerated truck, so its quality is very important. Currently, the refrigerators in the market are mainly domestically produced and imported. The difference between imported and domestic products is not only the price, but also the huge difference in their quality. In addition, when we select a model, we need to consider the after-sales service in addition to the price. If the price is very affordable, but its after-sales service is not convenient or service is not good, then once there is a problem, then it will be a very headache.

For most of the purchase of 4m2 refrigerated trucks , the most frightening thing is how much money is appropriate to buy. Now we don't have to hesitate. Just keep these three points in mind and you can grasp the initial price range. The first is the thickness of the insulation box, followed by the material of the frame, and finally the material source of the refrigeration unit and the after-sales service. These points are all related to our immediate interests and are also fatal factors that affect prices.

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