Luo Luo studied "large area propeller"

The STREAMLINE program, led by Rolls-Royce (a strategic study of the concept of innovative propulsion systems), is dedicated to progressively improving the operational efficiency of ship propulsion systems.
It is reported that the STREAMLINE project takes 4 years and will be completed in April 2014. It is mainly devoted to researching various ways and methods to improve the efficiency of ship propulsion.
The research project is funded by the European Union with a total investment of 11 million euros. The research area focuses on three main aspects: the fundamental innovation promotion system concept, the improvement of the existing propulsion model, and the improvement of the calculation model's details, speed and accuracy of computer algorithms.
In the summer of 2012, the project team conducted a proportional model airworthiness test on the fundamental innovation propulsion system concept of “large area propeller (LAP)”. The test was carried out by SSPA in a test tank in Gothenburg, Sweden, using a geometric model designed by Rolls-Royce for comparison. The test was designed to explore the performance impact of such a large propeller on the navigation of a ship under adverse sea conditions. “This is the first set of tests on the 'Large Area Propeller (LAP)' concept,” said STREAMLINE project manager Oliver Lane. “We will also compare the new concept of this propeller design with the traditional design approach and explore There are many questions that arise."
“The potential efficiency gains of this type of propeller arranged behind the stern are very exciting. We believe that from the preliminary calculations and the conclusion of the water tunnel test, a 15% efficiency improvement is foreseeable.”
As far as the “fundamental drive system innovation concept” is concerned in the entire plan, we still need to overcome many technical obstacles to enter the next actual ship test phase.
The Large Area Propeller (LPA) is just one of many technologies explored by the STREAMLINE project. Other innovative ideas in the research include the concept of “transportable pod propellers”, “distributed propulsion technology” and “bionic propulsion” for inland navigation.
Most importantly, research on various water flow characteristics improvement devices and propeller reinforcement systems has not been systematically done, and its applicability has not been so strong.
All of these studies have been carried out smoothly thanks to the synergy of the many organizations in the project and the resulting state-of-the-art computer simulation capabilities.
One of the advantages of such a large collaborative program is that different studies can be conducted simultaneously in a relatively fair comparative environment. In the past, due to the different ships that were tested, the gain effect evaluation of different technologies often showed deviations. In the STREAMLINE program, the partners ensure that various technical assessments are carried out on similar ships as much as possible in order to make a fair comparison.
The STREAMLINE program seeks to achieve a 15% efficiency improvement based on current advancement technology. Although the program is currently only in the medium term, all innovative concepts such as “large-area propellers”, “biomechanical thrusters” and “distributed propulsion technology” have shown broad prospects.
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