Development direction and prospect analysis of drying equipment

Drying equipment

After years of development, China's drying industry has formed a certain number of enterprises and production scale. Companies engaged in drying equipment are mainly distributed in equipment processing industries such as pharmaceutical machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, agricultural product processing machinery, mining metallurgy, forest products, and light industrial ceramics.

Drying equipment, also known as dryers and dryers, is used in drying equipment to vaporize the moisture (usually moisture or other volatile liquid components) in the material by heating to obtain solid materials with the required moisture content. . The purpose of drying is for material use or further processing needs. Drying equipment is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and forestry native products, food, light industry and other fields, is a wide range of general machinery products.

From the development direction of drying equipment at home and abroad in recent years, there are mainly the following trends:

1. Comprehensive application of several types of heat transfer, so as to make use of the advantages of various forms of heat transfer in different stages of drying, so that the equipment can be used more reasonably.

2. Large-scale development of equipment. Any production has the best economic scale, and the amplification technology of drying equipment can guarantee large-scale production. Therefore, the large-scale research of equipment is one of the development directions in the future.

3, drying equipment specialization. Drying equipment is a non-standard equipment, which is known to all people. The reason why non-standard equipment mainly deals with the material properties and product requirements are very different, so there is a true right design of drying equipment can play its role, from the technology To the economy has a certain significance.

4. Development of multi-stage and combined drying systems. Different types of drying equipment can be applied to different materials or can be applied to different drying stages of the materials. Combined drying can maximize the optimization of the drying process and make the drying system more reasonable.

5. The multifunctionality of the equipment. Nowadays, the drying equipment is not only limited to the drying operation, but sometimes the smashing, grading and even heating reactions are gathered in a single machine, which greatly shortens the production process and makes the equipment more versatile.

It is reported that the current market, low-tech products dominate. The increasingly fierce competition requires that our enterprises must improve their product quality through technological advancement, absorption of advanced foreign technologies, and independent innovation in order to meet production needs.

With the rapid development of industry, although it brings benefits to everyone, but it also brings pollution to the environment, people's awareness of environmental protection has also been greatly strengthened, the drying equipment manufacturing industry should be in accordance with the requirements of high quality, low energy consumption, environmental protection To adjust the product structure, and further strengthen the basic research and development.

Mast Section

A Tower Crane is an inverted L-shaped structure that is capable of lifting several tons of weight to precarious heights.

The most striking feature of this crane is that it is self-building and can allow a building to be constructed adjacent to or even around it.

Tower crane mast section ( tower crane mast and tower crane basic mast ) is a steel structure with a normally square section, whose main mission is to provide the tower crane with sufficient height.

Normally it is formed by lattice modules that facilitate the transport of the crane. For assembly, these modules will be joined by screws, all of which will be connected to the projected height. Its shape and dimension vary according to the necessary characteristics of weight and height.

BQ also supplying other Steel Structure spare parts of tower crane like Basic Mast Section, Fixing Angle (or Reusable Fixing Angle), Anchorage Frame,Telescoping Cage Jacking Cage, Tower Crane Yoke, Hook and so on.

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