Grasp the advantages of the industrial chain FAW Liberation Engine Division establishes global competitiveness

Recently, the warm sunshine fell on the white office building of the FAW Liberation Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as the "Engine Business Division"). In the conference room at this time, there is a nervous and cadre meeting. Since the establishment of the Engine Division in October last year, the leading groups have led teams to the engine business and it is difficult to get together. Taking advantage of this meeting of cadres, everyone gathered together to summarize the successes and failures of the work in the first quarter and provided suggestions for the smooth development of the work in the second quarter.

Grasp the advantages of the industrial chain FAW Jiefang Engine Division establishes global competitiveness FAW Jiefang Xichai Production Line

According to the data released at the meeting, in the first quarter of this year, although the dividends of the GB1589 policy faded and the sales growth of medium- and heavy-duty trucks slowed down, the efficiency of the engine business department remained generally stable, and the profits of the Xichai brand hit a new high in the first quarter; DDE The brand achieved a turnaround; total asset turnover, industrial added value, labor productivity, and profitability continued to rank first in the industry. In this era of “spelling” so popular, the engine division has competed with other competing products for the field of the engine with its unique industrial chain advantage.

In the horizontal direction, the engine business unit has a complete product line including Aowei, Hengwei, Conway, and Jingwei. In the vertical direction, the engine business unit integrated the advantages of FAW's commercial vehicle powertrain resources and formed an integrated management system of "research-production-supply-distribution-service". The engine business unit has a scale advantage and a management system at the same time. Advantages, the two formed a joint force, and ultimately promote the rapid development of enterprises.

Horizontally enlarged engine kingdom layout layout

In December 2003, the first Aowei CA6DL (7.7L) engine was born and launched a new era of independent innovation in China's heavy-duty truck engines. At that time, the People's Daily praised the editorial of "China's internal combustion engine development and manufacturing level one step over twenty years."

Since then, the Engine Division has started the development process from engine children to giants.

However, from the beginning, the engine division did not feel relaxed. At that time, the Chinese engine industry had recovered and the competition was very fierce. In order to obtain a chance to win, the engine division has done two things. One is to let its engine go abroad and the other is to enter new areas.

In 2001, the engine division took the first step toward diversification, developed the CA6DF1 diesel engine, and started to enter the mid-size engine segment. By 2011, the Engine Division entered the fourth entrepreneurial stage, and the leadership team put forward the grand plan of “transforming from product marketing to brand marketing” and officially named it “Hengwei”. Grasp the advantages of the industrial chain FAW Jiefang Engine Division establishes global competitiveness Xichai Aowei 13L Engine

If the choice of medium-sized engines is accidental, then the next strokes will start to rise.

In June 2004 and January 2006, the engine business division issued the development plan mission documents for the development of 4DX and 4DW series diesel engines, and developed the development goals and design principles for the 4DX and 4DW series diesel engines. The light-duty engine "Conway" came into being The horizontal product group of the engine division of the engine business has emerged. It has extended the industrial chain for the engine business unit, improved the product structure, and enhanced its ability to withstand market risks.

The Engine Division clearly stated that to build a world-class engine company, it is necessary to carry out diversification on the basis of core areas, the product risks of immutable products are too great, and the development space will be limited. In fact, world-class engine companies are not relying on multiple product lines to grow their body.

In July 2017, the Engine Division launched the “Jin Wei” CA4DB series diesel engine, and then the engine division has a new member. It is understood that Kingway will gradually merge Conway series of related products, incorporate better technologies, and as a whole new generation of light-end high-end engine products to the market, Jinwei CA4DB series of five engines using the same model as the six countries to develop models, Eliminating the user's worries about emission upgrades.

At this point, the layout of the heavy, medium, and light engine markets of the engine business unit was fully completed.

Today, the breakdown of the major product lines of the Engine Division can even be lengthy. Covering the heavy, medium and light sectors, the company has in-depth products such as trucks, agricultural machinery, school buses, buses, brigades, construction machinery, and forklifts. These products and the upstream and downstream units that are connected in series form the engine industry chain of the engine division.

Strengthen the advantages of vertical management

It is a simple truth that excellent corporate management can enhance the operational efficiency of the company, spur employee potential, and ultimately increase the economic efficiency of the company. If the company wants to become bigger and stronger, it must have its own set of management system.

The engine division is like this. As Qian Hengrong said: “The management is not good, the best efficiency cannot be produced, and no matter how good the equipment is, it is a waste.” In the long-term exploration and development process, the engine division formed a unique “research-production-supply-sales”. - Service management system has laid a solid foundation for the efficient operation of the company.

The first is the R&D system. From the very beginning, the Engine Division established a model combining production, learning, and research. With an international perspective, the company has learned from the world, and has cooperated with famous scientific research institutions and institutions at home and abroad to digest and absorb advanced technologies and experiences at home and abroad, and established a company. The mode, process, and means of technical cooperation have formed independent core technologies. On the road to R&D, it has truly achieved a giant leap from learning to self-directed innovation.

In the production process, on the one hand, from the beginning of product design and development, the engine business unit combines conceptual design, structural design, process design, and final demand to ensure that the product's production and development can be completed with the fastest speed and highest quality. On the other hand, comprehensive quality management is carried out. The inspection and control of quality in the production process are carried out in every process. If quality problems are found in the production process, production can be stopped immediately according to the situation until the problem is solved. Today, the Engine Division has formed a production system that is internationally advanced in equipment, leading in domestic management, and leading in the quality industry, and has created four major product lines: Aowei, Hengwei, Conway, and Jingwei, with an annual output of 470,000 engines. The production capacity of 5000 modified cars and 2500 remanufactured engines is highly favored by users at home and abroad due to its excellent characteristics of low fuel consumption, low emissions, low noise, high torque, strong dynamics, reliable structure, and environmental protection.

In the supply chain, the engine business unit ensures the balance between production, sales, and purchase through the strengthening of the resource management of the current production scheduling program to achieve a rapid and healthy development of the company. According to reports, the engine business department regularly checks the resources of each platform and formulates appropriate measures for suppliers with problems in terms of exclusivity, production capacity, price, quality, operational risk, and cooperation attitude to ensure a steady supply of resources. For the products common to the platform, the engine business unit will selectively perform rolling reserves, make safety reserves for special varieties, keep track of bottleneck resources and long-term resources in daily reports, and grasp the dynamic information of resources in real time to guide scientific and rational production scheduling. . At the same time, various departments closely coordinated, and the type and quantity of various platforms for daily production scheduling were guided according to the actual conditions of the factory, and production was planned scientifically and rationally.

In the sales process, the Engine Division upholds the marketing philosophy of “selling products to marry her daughters”. With its superior quality and strong market retention, the Engine Division has become the mainstay of the domestic truck market’s own brand to compete with international brands, and successfully implemented in overseas markets. The "breakthrough" broke through. The 4DW93-45DT4 diesel engine has officially passed the T4 Final stage emission certification of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and obtained the 2018 model certificate, becoming the first multi-cylinder diesel engine in the United States to have obtained this certification!

In terms of after-sales service, the Engine Division established the “Core Care Service” brand, established 15 regional service centers, and designated the 26th of each month as the “service day” of the engine business department. This day, users from all over the country You can go to the nearest service station to enjoy free consultation, free "health check" and a series of exclusive services. The engine business department has meticulously displayed the concept of “excellent core service” with superb service skills, lean service efficiency, and sincere service attitude, so that users no longer have to worry about.

With the combination of horizontal scale advantages and vertical management advantages, the engine business unit has basically realized a "one system, one standard" collaborative production platform, established the advantages of the entire industry chain, and built a strong corporate competitiveness.

As an engine company of its own brand in China, the Engine Division has been revitalizing its own brand and even revitalizing its national industry. It has been striving to overcome the difficulties of the national enterprise and has gone from being a little-known central agricultural implement manufacturer to China. Leading the internal combustion engine industry, to a global equipment manufacturing company with strong influence, breaking the “low-end product” treatment of “Made in China” in the international market, and demonstrating the self-reliance of Chinese companies on the global stage. .


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