The Netherlands built the first solar-powered road to the future or could provide electricity

According to the American Vaux website November 11, the bicycle path built by Dutch Solar Road Company is composed of rows of crystal silicon solar panels buried in concrete covered with translucent steel. glass". The 70-metre-long lane is open to the public on November 12.

The solar road project was launched in 2009 and inspired by van Gogh's paintings "The Starry Night." A group of road construction and technical service providers led by the Dutch Applied Research Organization (TNO) studied the solar energy utilization potential of the Dutch roads and tested how much electricity the solar cycle road can produce in three years and calculated The security conditions in different weather, hope that the energy it generates can be used for street lights, homes and electric cars.

Dutch solar driveway

The bike lane costs about 3.7 million US dollars (about 2266 million yuan), and by 2016 the full-length 100-meter lane when completed, it will generate electricity will only be enough for 3 families. Some analysts believe that the "Sun Road" does not appear to be cost-effective.

In addition, there are still some significant obstacles to this solar panel bike path. For example, solar panels installed under the road and bicycle road surfaces are covered with dust and snow, reducing power generation efficiency. Solar Roads Inc. hopes to slightly tilt the solar panels during installation and apply a non-stick coating to it to allow the rain to flush away the dust. Another problem is that these solar panels do not face the sun like photovoltaic panels on the roof, which means that they are expected to produce 30% less electricity than conventional solar panels.

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