Vacuum freeze dryer stands out in the pharmaceutical industry

Vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for the drying of materials such as high-grade raw material medicine, Chinese herbal medicines, biological, dehydrated vegetables, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical intermediates. It can be seen that it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The advantage of vacuum freeze-drying is that it can reduce the possibility of the material being oxidized and degraded, eliminate the bacteria in the material, ensure the quality, and the original shape of the material can be well preserved.

After the vacuum freezing and drying equipment is turned on, the materials are put into the material box for freezing and the freezing process of the materials. On the one hand, vacuum is used to pull a part of the water away; on the other hand, when the material is frozen, the moisture contained in some molecules is discharged to the surface of the material. After the freezing requirement is reached, the material is heated by the heating system. Drying, evacuation of the water contained in the material to the freezing trap box frozen, to achieve the material freeze-drying requirements.

When the device is lyophilized, it is necessary to maintain the good quality of the product while achieving a faster drying rate. The latent heat required for sublimation must be transferred from the heat source through the external heat transfer process to the surface of the material to be dried, and then transferred through the internal heat transfer process to the actual occurrence of ice sublimation within the material. The generated water vapor must reach the surface of the material through an internal mass transfer process and be transferred to a vapor trap (cold trap) through an external mass transfer process.

Any one process or several processes together may become the “bottleneck” of the drying process, which depends on the design of the freeze drying equipment, the operating conditions, and the characteristics of the material being dried. Only at the same time improve the heat transfer, mass transfer efficiency, increase the surface area per unit volume of freeze-dried material, can achieve faster drying rate.

At present, the development prospect of the entire pharmaceutical machine industry is very broad, and the drying equipment industry is also the same, but it is worth noting that the industry investment costs are also high. Therefore, manufacturers must follow the trend of development and strengthen the vacuum freeze-drying equipment. Applications.

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