Selective Design for Lighting Control of Single Lamp Solar Pest Killer Lamp

In fact, it is not all insect phototaxis, and because of this it is appropriate to design insects in the design of single-tube solar insect killer lamps. Adding some materials in the initial hardware configuration corresponds to the pest orientation configuration. If the moth has a strong orientation to the sweet and sour liquid, we can place a collection of containers under the LED tube. The collection of containers can contain some sweet and sour, increase the trapping of such pests, and increase the use of insecticidal lights.

Although the single-tube solar-powered insecticidal lamp after transformation has made great progress on the basis of insecticidal effect and energy control and utilization, the insecticide has a more purposeful nature, and it can avoid manslaughter of natural insect pests or beneficial insects. However, at present, the distinction between beneficial insects and insect pests is not yet obvious. Some insects are pests to this crop, but may be beneficial insects to other crops.

Single lamp Solar insecticidal lamp lighting control keyboard control module can use the button to select the place where the insecticidal lamp is used. For example, it can be used to select the rice field, vegetable garden, orchard, etc. by pressing the corresponding button. At the same time, the desired trap can be selected by pressing the button. The main pests, etc.; PWM control module is driven by the control system to generate different control frequencies to drive the LED emit different wavelengths of light, to lure different pests to touch the net; through a single lamp solar light switch control can be set The switching time of LED lights, flashing frequency, etc., are more effective in attracting pests, and better and more fully utilizing solar LED lights.

Therefore, as far as possible, in some seasons, only single-tube solar-powered insecticidal lamps are used when insect pests are relatively intensive. This kind of insects can be more effectively captured on the one hand, and the other can avoid the loss of some insect natural enemies, because the number of insects is relatively small. A corresponding decrease in the number of food predators also leads to an imbalance in the development of biological species. Therefore, we should minimize the destruction of the food chain and protect the ecological balance of nature in the process of the single-tube solar insect killer. This is of great significance for the protection of the ecological environment.

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