Weichai won the “2014 E-commerce Integration Innovation Award”

Recently, at the “2014 National E-Commerce Innovation Promotion Conference” hosted by the China E-Commerce Innovation Promotion Union of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Weichai Power, a corporate member of the China Quality Inspection Association, has won the title of “Leading Enterprise in E-Commerce in the Equipment Manufacturing Industry”. 2014 E-Commerce Integration Innovation Award.

The "12th Five-year Plan for Development of Electronic Commerce" is a programmatic document of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has a guiding role in the development of e-commerce in enterprises. As a model enterprise for integration and integration, Weichai has been at the forefront of information construction and has launched a brand-new full service center system and electronic parts catalog system, and built an e-commerce collaborative service platform for the Weichai industry chain. Make product services more transparent, clear and efficient, and at the same time improve the timeliness of troubleshooting and service quality.

At present, the Weichai informatization planning project is progressing in an orderly manner. The project comprehensively analyzes Weichai's e-commerce strategic vision, ecosystem, and e-commerce development model that suits Weichai's characteristics, and continues to push forward e-commerce in a down-to-earth manner, in order to promote group management reforms, improve corporate operating efficiency, and build core competitiveness. Play an active role.

In addition, Weichai has deepened the integration of informatization upgrade projects and strives to create “digitalized Weichai” to realize the digitalization of enterprise’s decision-making management, collaboration in product research and development, intensification of customer service, networking of procurement logistics, and electronic production of lean production. Sharing of knowledge management.

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