Hangzhou: Second-hand car prices drop and test government wisdom

To say that the most traffic jams in Hangzhou is now, non-used car trading market is none other than. The Yuantong second-hand car market, which is located on the Shenban Road these days, is not only filled with rushed cars, but also half way down the road. Why are so many cars coming over here? "If the old car passed the household in December, it may not be able to get through?" The owners were very anxious.
It is understood that these rushed cars are basically cars discharged under the National IV. Saying that the old age of the car is actually not old, in which Lao Wang's Elantra was on the card in 2009, only opened 50,000 kilometers, but a check, emissions of the country three. In fact, last month, all three cars were still in no hurry to sell, but on December 4, the whole Jiangxi Province began to raise the emission standards for second-hand cars to the fourth. At this point, the country has basically no place to buy three cars in the country. Immediately afterwards, Guizhou's second-hand cars settled tightly. Dali and Chuxiong in Yunnan Province have made it clear that they will not accept used cars that have been discharged below the national level on January 1. As a result, there is no place where second-hand cars can be discharged from below the national level. Under this policy, the transaction price of second-hand vehicles for emissions below the fourth level (basically before 2009) is tantamount to a catastrophe. Three or five thousand Audis, a few thousand yuan of small jiajiao, or even used cars that are cheaper than battery cars will abound. Anyone who is now driving a car before 2009 and who intends to change cars will have ample psychological preparation.
In fact, it is not that there is no hope that the bell must be tied to the bell. If the government policy changes, it is possible. For example, demarcating a time bar, old cars sold or eliminated government replacement subsidies, the replacement subsidy of up to 18,000 yuan was lost when the yellow car was eliminated in 2008; for example, Hangzhou could really lift the non-main city area In that case, the used car will also make multiple trips and the price will not fall so badly. If there is no such thing, it is estimated that a large part of people will extend the cycle of change, in the words of the owner is "open to natural scrap", then certainly with the original intention of energy-saving emission reduction is contrary.
The sharp drop in the price of car prices is certainly not conducive to the maintenance and appreciation of government assets for the government car reform that will begin next year. With reference to this year's practice in the surrounding counties and cities in Hangzhou, it is basically the case that the government's car remodeling car can be used for brand-name transfer auctions. We also urgently call for whether private cars in the community can also be considered.

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