Heavy-duty truck company's new smart city dregs transporter listed

On December 26th, a new type of “Jie Shen” smart city clinker transporter independently researched and developed by China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation was launched.
The new intelligent full-size muck transporter in the company adopts a U-shaped structure in the carriage, with no dead corners, no residue left in the unloading, and is driven by a steel wire rope and a chain. The top cover has a good synchronization of opening and closing, and the mechanism is semi-hidden and overloaded. It is safer. Reliable; metal hard top cover with higher strength, anti-wear, will not be due to heavy rain, snow cover, limit the overload limit, longer life; full seal, no spills spilled, the external smooth without residue, easy to clean, more beautiful; Four vertical beams, higher strength, lower center of gravity, safer driving, no external reinforcing ribs, lighter weight, and better economy; assembly of electronic video real-time monitoring system enables the supervision department to change from extensive management to intelligent The means of management can improve the transparency and accuracy of supervision.
The launch of the new “Jie Shen” smart city dreg ground transporter by Mianzhu was highly praised by distributors and users since the initial listing. It has now received the first batch of 10 orders. (This article from China National Heavy Duty Truck Click to enter China Sinotruk online purchase page )
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