· In Shanghai, it was accused of “black car”.

The Shanghai Transport Commission’s recent statement made the Didi Special Vehicle once again buckled with the “black car” hat. Prior to this, there have been many places in Shenyang, Tianjin, Nanjing, Zibo and other places to rectify or even stop the "special car."
The business car rental "Drip Special", which is located in the middle and high-end users, was launched in August this year. Passengers can switch between Drip Taxi APP taxi and special car options. Drip taxis recently announced that they have received $700 million in financing and started to promote the car, but the smug "special car" hit the policy wall at this time.
Didi Shanghai operations staff said that they are maintaining communication with government departments, and the current use of Didi car users in Shanghai is not affected. On the evening of the 25th, a Shanghai user of the Didi Special Vehicle told reporters that the Didi Special Car functioned normally.
Allegedly black car, Didi refutation Yesterday's "News Morning News" report showed that in early December, the Shanghai People's Congress representatives who participated in the "black car rectification" theme were assigned a topic: unannounced visits to the black car. Twenty-two delegates took advantage of their spare time to go deep into the front line and secretly visited the railroad stations where black cars were gathered.
According to the report, on December 24, at the meeting on the special situation of the "National People's Congress" inspecting the "Illegal Passenger Transport Remediation", Yang Xiaoxi, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, said that the drip car was a black car and the operation was illegal.
Didi responded yesterday that he did not agree with the definition of a car equivalent to a "black car."
"We and all the cooperative companies have signed contracts in accordance with the law to ensure that the user's multi-dimensional vehicles, personalized vehicles, and safety vehicles are met. The whole process is transparent, open, standardized, and controllable. Black cars without pricing standards and without security are very different.” Didi said in a statement yesterday.
Didi said that black cars are illegal vehicles that do not have any relevant formalities in the transportation management department, do not receive operating licenses, and operate illegally with paid services. There are significant differences between the car and the black car in terms of vehicle selection, driver assessment, service methods, charging standards and security systems.
BAT is a special car "refueling"
Previously, there were already similar platforms on the commercial car rental market, such as easy-to-use cars and AA rental cars. However, it was not until the fast one of the No. 1 car and the Drip special car joined, that it began to heat up rapidly. On December 17, Baidu announced a strategic investment in Silicon Valley startup Uber, which is valued at more than $40 billion. The BAT Big Three have been involved in water business rental.
However, the "special car" that just wants to "step on the gas pedal" has hit the policy wall: at the end of October 2014, the relevant person in charge of the Shenyang Municipal Transportation Bureau pointed out that in the absence of a taxi operating license, to provide a special car or business car rental The operation of the name of the service is illegal.
The Zibo Transportation Bureau stopped the Drip Special Vehicle on December 24, and said that illegal cars such as private cars and social vehicles were illegally engaged in taxiing through the taxi software. The maximum penalty was 30,000 yuan. Nanjing has already fined 8,000 yuan for two drone buses suspected of illegal operation.
Can "special car" be regulated?
Zhu Pingdou, vice president of Didi, once publicly explained that “the characteristics of black cars are that passengers and drivers are opaque and lack of supervision, but in the era of mobile Internet, the car has built a platform with transparent information and supervision.” It is understood that The car is a mobile Internet-based information platform that records the entire process of each service.
In response to the private car access to the private car platform, the reporter learned that there are still some drivers who are serving the platform full time, buying a used car with a price of more than 100,000. Didi yesterday responded by saying that it only signed contracts with car rental companies and labor companies operating according to law.
Public network information shows that on the platforms of 58 cities and people's networks, Didi has used large-scale recruitment of private cars to bring drivers.
■ Extension The taxi software was sued in the United States for “illegal operation”
According to foreign media reports, a group of 45 Philadelphia taxi companies recently formed a group for Uber Technologies Inc. Filed a lawsuit in the federal court, saying that carpooling services constituted unfair competition for taxi companies.
The lawsuit refers to 18 individuals, including UberX drivers accused of illegal operations in Philadelphia. According to the indictment, Uber's operations have damaged the value of the city's taxi license, and it currently costs about $520,000 to apply for a taxi license.
According to foreign media reports, in an indictment filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, since the illegal alcohol-selling activities during the US Prohibition Order in the 1930s, no criminal enterprise has been as unscrupulous and blatantly as Uber. Investment banks attract hundreds of millions of dollars in investment and operate in flagrant violations of federal and state laws.
Uber said on Wednesday that it is determined to defend the rights of passengers to enjoy the benefits of competition and the right to make choices, defending the right of drivers to establish their own small business.
Recently, taxi software has also encountered legal problems in Hong Kong.
According to media reports recently, Hong Kong police data showed that 29 taxi drivers had been prosecuted for "providing discounts" in the first half of this year. A police spokesperson said that he will work hard to crack down on all kinds of illegal activities.
According to the Road Traffic (Public Service Vehicles) Regulations of Hong Kong, "a taxi driver, his representative or a person who appears to be acting on behalf of the driver shall not voluntarily provide a fare discount to induce passengers to use his vehicle. Can be fined 10,000 yuan and imprisoned for 6 months." According to the regulations, it is illegal to use a telephone, mobile software or any other means as long as the discount is used.

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