The road to a strong country in the drying industry needs innovative technology support

Drying equipment is a relatively common technical equipment in the modern industrial production process, and it is also an important raw material pharmaceutical production equipment. Therefore, domestic companies are very optimistic about the market prospects, but at the same time are also clearly aware of the industry to upgrade the level of technology and accelerate the need for innovation and upgrading.

China's drying industry is characterized by a small, weak, non-professional, and unsophisticated company with a large quantity and low overall quality. Although China's drying equipment industry is facing challenges, we also see that the variety of drying equipment that China has produced now is increasing, and the range of suitable heating equipment is expanding constantly. The level and quality of products are rapidly increasing, and the market competitiveness is constantly increasing. In particular, the Chinese government has issued various policies to support the export of products and created excellent external conditions for domestic drying equipment manufacturers. This shows that the development prospects of China's drying equipment are good.

Relevant experts pointed out that China must develop from a large dry country into a dry and powerful country. It is necessary to further strengthen basic theoretical research, consolidate applied research and application development, and at the same time strengthen research on automation, testing techniques, manufacturing processes, and materials and material design. .

It is understood that at present, there are more than 70 colleges and universities, research institutes and a large number of experts in China engaged in drying technology research, and gradually formed the theoretical basis for the development of domestic drying technology. At the same time, for manufacturing companies, we must work hard on management innovation and technological innovation, work hard on product upgrades, adjust product structure in accordance with high quality, low energy consumption, and environmental protection requirements, cultivate competitive advantages, promote honest services, and promote the development of enterprises. .

Although the technical level of the domestic drying equipment field still needs to be strengthened, it is still very good in terms of the current development trend. What the industry needs to do is to strengthen technological innovation and achieve industrial upgrading.

Bending and cutting system (patented technology):

bending arm driven by servo motor can protrude or draw back while bending different angles, when cutting system receives signal, it will finish cutting work synchronously.

Control system:

CNC control with malfunction alarm, PLC, servo motor and electric components use Japan and Germany brand.

Material feeding system:

2 payoffs with brakes, suitable for single and double strand, buffer unit can reduce the resistance and instability during the process of decoiling.

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