China's drying equipment industry has now formed a certain scale

Drying equipment is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and forestry native products, food, light industry and other fields. China's drying equipment industry has gone through more than 20 years from the formation, development to maturity. After more than 20 years of development, China's drying equipment industry has formed a certain number of enterprises and production scale.

In 2013, the foreign economy experienced a warming trend. As domestic policies were implemented and the market demand increased, the economic speed of the machinery industry in 2013 will be slightly higher than that of 2012, but overall it is still at a relatively low level, and it is expected to continue to achieve 10 percentage points throughout the year. About growth.

Judging from the current situation, the major driving forces in the economic operation speed of the machinery industry in 2013 came from domestic large and medium-sized enterprises. These companies rely on their own strengths to better enjoy the benefits of national policies and overseas market warming. For large and medium-sized machinery companies, they are still struggling in a competitive environment with many homogenization of mechanical products.

Due to the limitation of the company's strength, small and medium-sized machinery enterprises have faced the dual pressures from domestic machinery giants and foreign technology giants, and have paid more attention to market segments and precise positioning of enterprises, but they have come out of the independent market. Specifically, it is still small and medium-sized machinery companies that should carefully study the market, proceed from the current products produced by enterprises, carry out technological innovations, and seize market gaps, and go against the trend.

Experts said that if a pharmaceutical machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise produces a tablet press and the company’s key product is a rotary tablet press, it will concentrate on solving the problem of dust generated by a rotary tablet press. It is not enough energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Writing articles, instead of constantly developing new products, led to a variety of products, but in the end it failed to catch anything.

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Filter Element adopts many kinds of materials, such as glass fiber, stainless steel sintered fiber felt, stainless steel wire mesh ect.

Working pressure (max): 0-1.6 MPa

Operating medium: Fuel, RP-1, RP-2, RP-3

Ryl Fuel Filters

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