Technical improvement method of synchronous motor

2 caused by the magnetic flux, 5 is caused by the disturbance of the power supply system, 1 analysis of the cause of the fault, whether it is the disturbance of the power supply system or the excitation fault, causes the synchronous motor to lose the step and then jump. The theoretical analysis and practical experience of a series of bad parts such as the looseness of the fixed rotor and the tying line, the stagnation of the stagnation, the insulation damage, and the internal short-circuit and the fire caused by the motor are caused by the unsuccessful jump.
The cause of these faults is by no means the motor itself, but most of the current use of the exciter in our factory is the muscle type thyristor. These are decorated! The dynamic properties of the thermal properties and the full-step excitation performance have the disadvantages of raising people, which leads to many defects in the operation of the motor. Now, the type of device is taken as an example to analyze the defects in detail. 1.1 When the motor starts to rotate When the speed of 5 de-8 de-synchronization is reached, the pulse vibration will appear in 1 屯 machine, and it will become more and more intense and obvious. This is 10, the asynchronous start circuit design of the device is unreasonable, and the slip current is reduced to a certain level. The negative half-cycle channel is not smooth, and it is interrupted at the time of passing, and the corresponding excitation-winding asynchronous drive torque test transcript disappears.
The rotor characteristic curve of the downtime is caused by the jump to the minute. Therefore, in the later stage of the asynchronous starting process of the motor, the motor jumps back and forth, forming the ripple component of the torque characteristic, causing the motor pulse vibration and additionally the induced slip of the excitation loop in the fixed slip. The positive and negative half-wave asymmetry appearing under the condition is equivalent to the occurrence of a DC excitation current in the excitation circuit to make the motor generate a more intense pulse vibration again. Due to the poor control loop design, the de-excited silicon conduction value changes often occur. , start, cause the silicon crucible on the road with burnout breakdown, or the sudden loss of magnetic flux during the operation of the mustard, due to the above various reasons, the synchronous machine of our factory has frequent shutdown and motor damage. For example, the motor positioning pin is loosely displaced; the motor broom rotor asynchronously starts to break the copper strip; the stator coil is loose; the insulation breaks the coil and the breakdown breaks, etc., when the excitation loop induces a voltage 12 when the motor has an internal fault or an external fault. Forced parking excitation devices require good de-excitation performance. The motor is protected from possible hazards to ensure the safety of the motor. The demagnetization measure adopted by the 101-type excitation device is the inverter demagnetization. Since its de-excitation speed is not regulated by the inverter voltage, it is accelerated. Too slow. itSQ50.7s, KnJi is too poor to play a corresponding role. Therefore, it can not meet the requirements, it is easy to cause the motor to cause dark injuries. 13 When the high-voltage synchronous machine is started, especially the motor of 2500 or more, the same as the synchronous sound is often heard by the factory 1; 1 type excitation device The circuit is provided with a small number of 12 small 6-holes to distribute the stress.
The welding electrode of the first steel plate is all selected from the magical 08. The welded bead between the steel plate and the cast iron is first welded, and the welding is hammered by the welding edge. After the welding is completed, the welding piece and the steel plate are evenly hammered with a 0.5 lb. Combined, and produce appropriate plastic deformation, re-weld the weld between the steel plates and the scattered stress holes on the plug welded steel plate. The welding rod is also selected 2308, and the welding edge is hammered to weld the weld to eliminate the welding stress.
The welding of the first to the ninth steel plate first has the same upper layer as the first layer, but the selected welding rod is different. The 2308 welding rod is selected between the steel plate and the cast iron, the process is the same as above, and the steel plate is welded and plug welded. 427 welding, specification 3.2, welding current is 94.2.4 layer welding. At the end of the layer welding, the electrode is selected B 308, the process is the same as before, the weld height is about 5, and after the 5 welding, the angle is polished by the angle grinder to expose the metal luster, and the color test is carried out, especially crack, 6 After repairing the weld at the break of the tile seat, the self-made processing equipment is processed on site, and the effect of the repair of the nitrogen press is saved. The plant saves 400,000 yuan. The nitrogen press is put into the hall. It has been many times, and the apricots have been inspected several times. The original cracks have not expanded, and no new cracks and other defects have been found in the repair welding. The equipment runs smoothly and normally, and the design production capacity is achieved.
8 Conclusion Large cast iron parts can be repaired by cast iron welding, such as cracks can not be completely removed, crack arrester tube matching media to prevent residual crack expansion, the most effective method plus filler plate and crack stop cast iron welding process It is an effective method to accelerate the repair speed of cast iron to ensure the quality of cast iron repair.
On page 37, the position angle is not cashed. 21 The control unit of the control unit such as Changsha is used to replace the control part of the old-fashioned control unit. This kind of control unit invests in water wiring, which is simple and efficient, and runs loosely. Good performance, not easy to damage, minimal maintenance, 22 pairs of de-excitation loops are modified, making it a thermal-magnetic control loop for capacitor-capacitor blocking and de-excitation, thus improving the induction current of the entire pyromagnetic overexcited loop 2 and processing Very reliable, vibrating, can be shortened to the small 12 23 to improve the start-up performance of the synchronous machine, using advanced technical means, the original excitation of the ugly dynamic circuit is completely modified, the secondary start circuit of the de-exercated thyristor in the motor At startup, the turn-on voltage is reduced to a peak value of 714. The power-frequency rms value 5 minimizes the turn-on voltage, so that the induced current can pass through the electromotive force in both positive and negative half cycles, and the pulse phenomenon is eliminated. After the excitation and normal operation, the thyristor control circuit is completely shut down, thus solving the loss of magnetic failure caused by mis-conduction.
Through the above technical transformation, the working conditions of the synchronous motor are improved to minimize the motor failure rate. The power factor of the order is greatly improved. The long-term safe operation of the device is strongly guaranteed to recover 100,000 yuan to millions of dollars per year for the country. To overcome the difficulties brought by the old-fashioned excitation devices, the date of receipt is over.

Belt Conveyor is the most ideal efficient continuous transportation equipment for coal mines. Compared with other transportation equipment(such as locomotives), it has the advantages of long transmission distance, large traffic volume, and continuous transportation, and it is reliable to operate, and it is easy to achieve automation and centralized control. Especially for high-yield and high-efficiency mines, belt conveyor has become a key equipment for coal mining electromechanical integration technology and equipment.
     The main feature of the belt conveyor is that the fuselage can be easily telescopic. There is a storage tank. The tail can be elongated or shortened with the Advancement of the coal mining surface. The structure is compact and can be laid without foundation. The frame is light and easy to dismantle. When the transmission capacity and distance are large, the intermediate drive device can be used to meet the requirements. According to the requirements of the transportation process, it can be transported on a single machine, or it can be combined into a horizontal or inclined transportation system to transport materials.
     Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical industry and other departments because it has the advantages of large transportation, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost, and strong versatility.
    Belt conveyor is also used in building materials, electricity, light industry, grain, ports, ships and other departments.


Belt Conveyor

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