How does the lighting industry revolutionize the Internet era?

As the finale of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the 2015 lighting industry full industry chain e-commerce forum will be held on June 12, 2015 in the conference room No. 8 of Pazhou International Exhibition Center. The forum was hosted by Aladdin Mall, which focuses on lighting the entire industry chain of e-commerce, and was awarded by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd., China Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Guanghui Lighting Market, Ping An Bank, Guangdong Nanwang Guangya Lighting Research. With the support of the hospital and Op Lighting, 500 industry giants from the industry elites and new development enterprise decision-makers will gather together to discuss how the traditional enterprises respond to the advent of the mobile Internet era and the cross-border and subversive lighting traditional enterprises under the Internet thinking. The new inspiration brought by the O2O model to the LED industry, how to use the B2B to counter the e-commerce, and how the LED companies in the prevailing era of e-commerce have conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as the new upgrade and transformation of the e-commerce platform, and the sword for the development of e-commerce . Lei Ming, general manager of the lighting business department of China Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Co., Ltd., a reporter from the Aladdin News Center invited one of the speakers of the e-commerce forum, and Lei Ming, general manager of the lighting division of China Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Co., Ltd. made a pre-conference interview. According to Lei Ming, the theme of the speech brought this time is the innovation of procurement in the Internet engineering market. He said that the wave of the Internet is so vast that it has swept all industries and no industry has survived. In the Internet age, you must take the initiative to adapt to the Internet, or even take the initiative to change, instead of waiting for the Internet to revolutionize your life! The Southern Power Grid, the leading energy source, has not been spared. Lei Ming told reporters that the State Council issued opinions on the reform of the power system. The next step in the energy industry is also facing great changes. The middle of the management and the liberalization of the two sectors, that is, the transmission and distribution network links are relatively monopolistic, but the power generation market and sales. The electricity market is completely market competitive. In the case of marketization, the energy industry will certainly be affected by the influence of the Internet, including smart electricity, smart home, and now some Internet is already in the market for electricity sales. Lei Ming also told reporters that as early as 2010, China Southern Power Grid has already seen this trend. The future positioning of the power grid is not the traditional selling of electricity, but the transformation to integrated energy service providers, providing customers with energy-saving services, intelligent power and other comprehensive Energy service, this is the strategy of China Southern Power Grid. In the interview, Lei Ming emphasized that the establishment of an integrated energy company at the time of China Southern Power Grid was an initiative to adapt to the reform of the power system and plan ahead. The purpose is to take a step forward in this market and take the initiative to change when the reforms are pushed to their own heads. This is also the attitude of China Southern Power Grid to the Internet. Lei Ming introduced that in the Internet field, the company set up an e-commerce platform for energy-saving products and services in 2013. Although it is still in its infancy, the goal is to better integrate traditional energy, traditional energy-saving services and the Internet. Customers provide better integrated energy solutions. Lei Ming admits that in a highly competitive market environment, it is a big challenge for a traditional natural monopoly state-owned enterprise. It is necessary to learn how to adapt to this kind of competition, and how to create value for customers based on customers. In the past, the power grid was waiting for people to go to the door. Now it is necessary to take the initiative to go out and think about what can be done for customers. What advanced Internet means are used to provide services to customers, including many of our power supply bureaus have opened the official WeChat public service platform to further improve Quality service. In Lei Ming's view, the company's future competitors are likely to be Internet giants such as Alibaba and Tencent, because these industries are very disruptive to traditional industries. In the future, the combination of Internet and energy to generate energy Internet is an inevitable choice. Lei Ming repeatedly stressed in the interview that the influence of the Internet covers all industries, and the lighting industry is no exception. For the current situation of LED lighting e-commerce, Lei Ming expressed his personal opinion. Now the trading volume of lighting products on Jingdong and Taobao is growing rapidly, but returning to the essence of lighting, I think the current e-commerce platform has not solved the user's well. demand. Lei Ming further explained that customers need lighting solutions on the platform, but now all products are seen on all e-commerce platforms, and products do not represent solutions. For example, if a customer opens a coffee shop, he does not know what kind of lamp to buy to create the most suitable lighting environment. You can let him go to the e-commerce platform to choose, he can't do it. Especially now LED, it is not a standard body, the same lamp, the power is different; the power is the same, the luminous flux is also different; the luminous flux is the same, the color temperature is also different; the color temperature is the same, but the light distribution curve is also different. Therefore, customers can't make accurate choices when faced with so many products. In fact, the customer first needs the solution, then the product, all the products are just the carrier to support this solution, which is the reason why the lighting industry has been trading under the line, because this program has not been found online so far. . Nowadays, a lot of lighting orders are still being completed online. I think the impact of the Internet on the lighting industry has not yet arrived. The chain is very long, from the upstream lamp beads, chips, power supplies to finished lamps, and then through the dealers at all levels. Finally, in the hands of the customer, the cost is actually high, and the customer's needs are not necessarily well met. Lei Ming added. The rise of LED e-commerce is the inevitable development of the current situation. When it comes to the e-commerce barriers in the lighting industry, Lei Ming believes that two major problems need to be solved. First, the combination of online and offline. The offline function, which has the advantage of satisfying the customer's on-site experience and interaction, including the timeliness of service enjoyment, on the online side, the two sides communicate with each other more fully, and the information is more transparent, making the chain Shorter and lower cost. Therefore, I think that in the field of Internet lighting, how to better combine online and offline is a problem to be considered. Second, focus on lighting solutions rather than product-centricity. Now the value of the program itself has not been independent. In the future Internet era, the value of the program will be more and more reflected. What the customer wants to do is first to find a solution, and then find a suitable solution after finding the solution. The product, which is an opportunity for the lighting vertical e-commerce. Because purely than the product, it is not necessarily better than Jingdong, Taobao, and the quality of the entire lighting product is uneven, the country does not have a unified standard, in this case, simply delineate how many businesses have settled in, there are How many products are useless. Thunder is analyzed. Lei Ming also revealed that China Southern Power Grid is preparing to build a trading service platform for optoelectronic devices, enabling luminaire manufacturers to purchase related optoelectronic devices at lower cost and better conditions. Looking forward to the future, Lei Ming believes that the lighting market is growing rapidly, and will continue to maintain a very high growth rate in the future, but it is not necessarily very optimistic. The market cake is growing, and there are many companies that compete for cakes. The key is to look at the efforts of enterprises. At the end of the interview, Lei Ming wished that the 2015 lighting industry's entire industry chain e-commerce forum was successfully held, and I wish the 2015 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition a complete success! For more details, please pay attention to:
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