Xichai Hengwei's sales increased by 259% in the first half

"Xichai HENGWEI machine rugged, durable, I have bought three cars in front of all tin Chaiheng Wei machine, which is not again to buy two trucks tin Chaiheng Wei machine, such engines, with up really worry!" Enter 7 Since the start of the month, sales of Xixi Hengwei Machinery have grown against the trend. A Suzhou user has purchased five JAC trucks equipped with Xichai Hengwei machines in a matter of months.

Xichai Hengwei Engine
Xichai Hengwei Engine

In the first half of 2015, sales volume of 4/6DLD of Xichai Hengwei Machinery Co., Ltd. increased by 259% year-on-year, which was a record high year-on-year. This year's Xiecha Hengwei machine has continued to increase in the amount of vehicle manufacturers. Previously, Jianghuai port tractor engine has been using other brands of engine products. Since the successful adaptation of Xichai Hengwei products and Jianghuai port haulage, it has continuously obtained Qingdao Port of Shandong and Ningbo, Zhejiang. Orders from Hong Kong and other users are currently in good condition.

"Durable quality and convenient application" is a major feature of Xichai Hengwei Machine. Xichai has achieved outstanding results in terms of durability, reliability, and applicability. This has made Hengwei products durable and reliable, and has strong market applicability. , is gradually becoming the preferred power for medium trucks.

  Circular Platelike Johnson Screen is a kind of Platelike Johnson Screen. The support rods and V-type wire are connected together by contour welding. The surface wire is also called V-type stainless profile wire or wedge-shaped wire.

circular platelike johnson screen

    The outer diameter, the width of support rods, the size of the slot opening and the width of V-type wire can be customized according to the requirement of customer. We mainly use stainless steel for this circular platelike Johnson screen.

circular platelike johnson screen1

Circular Platelike Johnson Screen

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