Only the cart has a blind area? Wrong, medium-sized cars also have blind spots

Many people simply think that only large vehicles have blind spots, and there are no blind spots like cars. In fact, this perception is seriously wrong. There is also a blind spot in the sedan. The following Xiaobian will give you a description of the blind spots and countermeasures for the midsize sedan.

1, the former blind area

There are many factors that cause blind spots in front of medium-sized cars. For example, the height of a car, the height of a seat, the length of a front car, and the height of a driver are all related. If it is impossible to accurately control the distance of the front blind zone, it is very prone to a rear-end incident.

Coping methods: Keep enough distance with the vehicle or obstacles as far as possible, be familiar with the distance of the front blind zone, control the vehicle, drive the car to normal, and don't go overboard.


2, after the blind area

The blind spot behind the midsize sedan is defined as an area that extends approximately 30 degrees from the rear door to the outside. Outside the field of view of the mirror, the popular term is that if the front of the rear car is near the rear door of the front car, the mirror of the front car There is no car in sight. If you don't pay attention, you can easily get scraping and rear-end collisions.

Coping method: Before starting the vehicle, develop a habit of checking whether there are obstacles in the rear of the vehicle, or if the conditions permit, you can press a few horns to move forward. The speed at the time of reversing should be slow. If there are other people, you can let other people assist the obstacles as much as possible. Keep enough distance to get familiar with the size of the rear blind zone and control the vehicle.

3, change the way to pay attention to the blind area of ​​the outside mirror

The rear view mirror does not completely collect all the information around the car body, because there are more or less blind spots between the vision zones of the rearview mirror. Many people know that the right side mirror blind zone is known, and the left rearview mirror The blind spot seems to be rarely mentioned. In particular, from the main road on the auxiliary road, the vehicle is not seen from the left rearview mirror. If you accelerate the large-angle incision to the innermost lane, it is easy to collide with the vehicle that is screaming at the innermost lane.

Coping method: When the vehicle needs to change lanes or turning, it is necessary to play the turn signal in advance to ensure safety. Since the body and the lane form an angle at that time, the view of the left rearview mirror is also deflected by an angle, which just can't see the nearest one. In the case of inside lanes, each time a large angle is merged with the line, one must turn to take a closer look and a slow deflection. You can also choose to install a large-field auxiliary mirror on the rearview mirror. These methods can Minimize the appearance of blind spots.

4, pay attention to A, B column blind area when turning

When cornering, if the A-pillars on both sides are wide, the wide distance will block the line of sight, so that the blind area will be large. If the column is narrow, the blind area will be small. The blind spot of the B-pillar is mainly on the right side of the vehicle. When the vehicle is moving and needs a large angle to turn to the outside, the B-pillar will block the line of sight and may collide with the vehicle that is normally traveling on the right side.

How to deal with it: It is best to slow down the speed of medium-sized cars when turning. Look through the left front door glass to the left front and you can also move forward and backward. Observe the position of the front left and right through the front windshield and repeat several times to ensure that Leave the blind spot and pass it safely. In addition, the driver can use the extra light to look at the rear or pedestrian, that is, look at the rearview mirror every few minutes, and scan the right rear window with extra light to observe the situation around the body. It can be safely passed during such actions to avoid accidents. In addition, the driver must develop the habit of overtaking and playing the turn signal at the same time. At the same time, pay attention to the information feedback of the overtaking vehicle. If you hear a rapid whistle sound or see a strong flashing light, you must immediately stop passing and overtaking. And slow down the speed.

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