Application of Traditional Diagnostic Techniques in Limousine Maintenance

The so-called traditional diagnosis is a method of manually diagnosing a malfunction occurring in a vehicle without using any equipment. For some luxury sedans, there are some faulty maintenance equipment and testing equipment that will not be in place. As a result, it is very difficult to troubleshoot the vehicle and cause misjudgment. Therefore, it is very necessary to make full use of mature maintenance experience.

First, determine the use of the vehicle by "seeing". (1) Check whether the fault light of the instrument panel is on or off. It can be judged whether the electronic control system is faulty or the mechanical system is faulty. (2) Inspections of conventional “five oils, three fluids, and one medium” should not be ignored, namely for turbine oil, engine oil, automatic transmission oil, power steering shaft, gear oil, brake fluid, coolant, wiper cleaning fluid, and refrigerant Check. (3) Judgment of faults by the quality of the vehicle parts liquid. (4) Checking the circuit is also important.


Second, the owner or driver of the fault before and after the failure of the vehicle to check the situation. The driver knows best about the condition of the vehicle he is driving, and is the first-hand information on determining the fault. General limo driver's attention to the vehicle is very high, a little bit of a change, he will go to the repair shop to inquire, this is understandable, so that they provide the situation is important. For example, a Lincoln Continental car has poor acceleration performance. After being asked by the driver, it is caused by the replacement of fans with spark plugs. After removing the spark plug, its model also meets the requirements, and it is determined that the ignition sequence is wrong. After correcting, the vehicle is running normally.

At different levels, therefore, in the “question”, it is necessary to look for critical and important questioning of the phenomenon, and the answer to the driver must be able to be false. This point is very difficult for maintenance personnel, the key lies in understanding the structure and performance of the vehicle thoroughly. This requires maintenance personnel to accumulate theoretical knowledge and practical experience at ordinary times. Only with this point, the "question" is important.

Third, the use of "smell" to determine the point of failure. Through the “smell” of the oil, the quality of the oil and the basic working condition of the system can be known. Through the smell of the exhaust gas from the engine, the working condition of the engine can be felt, thus providing guidance for fault diagnosis.

Fourth, "Listen" This is also a common skill for maintenance personnel. Listening, we must first find out the fault department and distinguish the type of sound. Moreover, in the current fault analysis, the most is a mechanical fault. Therefore, “listening” is the basic function of maintenance personnel. If you can not find the fault location, maintenance will take many detours, wasting manpower, material resources and financial resources. Check engine failure, it can not be judged as automatic transmission failure. If a Mercedes-Benz sedan has a slight noise after the hot car, because the car is equipped with an automatic variator, it is impossible to judge the location of the fault by pressing the clutch pedal. After auscultation, the final dismantling found that the 6-cylinder connecting rod bearing gap is too large to cause abnormal engine sound.

Fifth, test run. Through the trial run, you can learn a lot of knowledge that is not available in books. Such as the maintenance of automatic transmissions, after repairs no load operation is normal, when the load is likely to be linked after the vehicle can not drive, high-speed off fire and shift hairpin, when the direction of the brake shaking, if there is no personal feeling, It will make the judgment of the fault cast a veil, causing hesitation and uncertainty in the judgment of failure. Therefore, the commissioning can inspire our repairman's narrative and speed up troubleshooting.

The above methods are not independent, and the effect of comprehensive application will definitely let you stand in front of others in repairing and judging faults and become an expert in the maintenance of luxury cars.

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