How do you make beauty for your car?

There are more and more people who love cars, and more and more people who make beauty cars. What are the car beauty methods you know? In fact, when it comes to car beauty, everyone will think of various cleaning agents, maintenance agents, etc. Of course, these will definitely be used. But there are the following very professional methods of operation that everyone does not know.

Have you seen the auto show? In addition to the most beautiful women in the auto show, which cars are shiny and dazzling, do you know how they do it? Do you want to make your car become like that, but you still have to maintain the car or you can't get it. Xiao Bian made a survey to the technical consultant of and told me how to make a beauty treatment for the car after summing up.

Let's say from the inside out, the interior of the car should be cleaned frequently. For example, if the seat is in constant contact, it is very easy to dirty and must be cleaned with a towel. However, when cleaning the seat, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the seat is for the skin to be maintained. It should not be rubbed with a rough cloth. Be sure to use a soft cloth and rub with some care solution. Then clean it with an anti-oxidant maintenance solution. What labels will be on the glass of the car, and after cleaning, it can be treated with wind oil. This is not only clean, but also has no odor. It has no effect on the car.

Clean up the dashboard of the car, and the carpet needs to be sent to a special place to clean it. There is a clever way to lay a mat on the carpet every time, so you don't have to bother to clean the carpet every time. . I also saved a lot of things for myself. In fact, the internal maintenance is actually a good job of cleaning, so that when you drive, you will feel better and the mood is good.


After talking about the interior of the car, the appearance of the car, the appearance is also to clean first, the body cleaning, the car's paint surface has some small scratches can be treated with toothpaste, we all know that the application of toothpaste can reduce scratches Imprint. It can also be used to prevent the scratches from being oxidized. Beauty for the car must not be as professional as the car beauty shop, but we can do the profession to minimize the cost. There are no problems with this special small scratch, but I hope that after a certain time, I will go to the store to fix it and prevent the scratches from becoming larger after oxidation.

You can buy a waxing machine, usually more than one hundred, and then choose some of the wax you used in the beauty salon to do the beauty, look good. This can save a lot of money, but also come out with the effect you want. It should be noted that there are many kinds of car waxes, and the functions are also different. What needs attention is the selection of wax. Others can do it yourself. Everyone knows that waxing can prevent the lacquer surface from oxidizing, so that the lacquer surface looks better in gloss, and it plays a role in preventing ultraviolet rays and preventing acid rain. The cost of waxing yourself is low, even if the quality is not good, it will be very effective to do it once in three months. The general process is cleaning and waxing polishing. The wax should be applied several times repeatedly to make the wax layer evenly adhere to the body. The area of ​​waxing should not be too large. Clean and remove scratches on the paint surface. Use a waxing machine with a coarse wax ball and a coarse wax. Crude wax generally contains fine particles. Under the driving of the waxing machine and the hair ball, these fine particles will grind off the damaged paint on the outermost layer to bring out a new layer of paint.


Wiping with a towel is equivalent to polishing. As shown in the figure: using a waxing machine and polishing hair balls, together with polishing wax, the main function is to restore the color of the paint surface and restore the surface smoothness. Finally, the protective wax is applied to protect the treated paint surface. The protective wax can completely protect the treated paint surface and make the surface more lustrous.


Engine cleaning is also very important. Cleaning with water may cause damage to the circuit and rusting parts. In addition to dust, there is some oil stain, and the engine compartment is cleaned with a special engine external cleaner.


In fact, the approximate car maintenance has been done, from the inside to the outside, from the outside to the parts have been cleaned and maintained. The inspection we evaluated is actually to maintain the steam. After reading Xiaobian's own how to make beauty for the car , is it very simple? In fact, these can be tried by yourself. It will be completed in at most two hours. Of course, it is more convenient and more professional to go to the car beauty, but it is also expensive. Let's do it ourselves in the car shop for half a year. This makes the body more beautiful.

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