Smart Water Management Exchange held a number of water companies in attendance

[China Instrument Network Instrument Conference] In the afternoon of August 5th, the Anhui Smart Water Management Conference was held in Suzhou City Water Supply Company. The main leaders of the Suzhou Water Supply Company and the Lingshui, Lixian, Xiaoxian, Shaoshan, and Suomao Dongcheng Water Supply Companies and the heads of relevant departments of various units attended the exchange meeting. Xu Huaiguang, Deputy General Manager of Suzhou Water Supply Company presided over the meeting.

The meeting was first greeted by the party secretary of General Party of Suzhou Water Supply Company and general manager Shao Wei, and welcomed the arrival of all the brothers and guests of the relevant units and congratulated on the opening of the meeting. At the meeting, Liao Hongjun, Shanghai Wappipel’s director of smart water operations, conducted comprehensive and detailed discussions on PPT’s two topics, “Analysis and Solution of Frequently Asked Questions in Water Management Enterprise Processes” and “The Inevitable Trend of Water Supply Enterprise's Secondary Water Supply Wisdom Management Development”. Explain. Afterwards, the meeting organized the guests to visit the Suzhou City Water Supply Company's water supply central control room and secondary water supply pump room.

Smart water supply is a new model of innovative development of water supply management services with smart technology, smart services, and wisdom management as its main content. It is a necessary means to achieve scientific and technological management, smart production, smart business management, and improve the quality of water service, and an inevitable trend of development. .

The conference aims to further enhance the smart water supply construction and management capabilities in Suzhou, enhance the cooperation and exchanges between brothers and waters, and jointly improve the level of urban water supply security, which will play a positive role in promoting the smart water supply construction and management goals in Suzhou City as soon as possible.

(Original title: Suzhou Smart Water Management Exchange Meeting was held at the Municipal Water Supply Company)

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