Kitchen garbage truck hydraulic principle introduction

Hydraulic technology is mainly used for the automation of various kinds of machinery. It can achieve the high-performance and large-capacity stability power. The inertia of the movement is small and the reaction speed is fast. The hydraulic technology is widely used in the mechanical power system. The hydraulic principle of kitchen garbage truck is also powered by hydraulic equipment to realize the automatic operation of kitchen garbage truck . The specifics of the hydraulic principle of the kitchen garbage truck can be understood from the following aspects.


First, the application of hydraulic systems. When the hydraulic system is used on the kitchen garbage truck for loading and unloading, the lifting equipment is needed to automatically dump the garbage in the plastic bucket into the compartment during unloading. When unloading, the body needs to lift a certain angle to complete the garbage. Uninstall work. These processes are all achieved through automated equipment, and the hydraulic system plays an important role. If there is no hydraulic system, it is very difficult for the garbage truck to finish the loading and unloading of the garbage stably. It is the basic system for providing power and can help the garbage truck to achieve better automation functions.

Second, the realization of hydraulic system functions. Hydraulic system is to complete the work: in the garbage truck system through the static pressure of the liquid medium, hydraulic oil is generally used as a liquid medium to complete the backlog of energy, transfer and amplification functions, and finally achieve the mechanical function, can make the mechanical function more Lightweight, but also able to enlarge this function. For the garbage truck, the hydraulic system in the vehicle releases this capability through hydraulic oil, helps the garbage truck to achieve automatic operation, and can reduce inertia, help the vehicle function stable operation, and ensure safe and efficient loading and unloading of garbage.

Third, the hydraulic system is applied to the advantages of kitchen garbage trucks . The hydraulic system has a great effect on the function of the garbage truck. At the same time, the system itself has a lot of advantages. He can achieve infinitely variable speed, which is conducive to the regulation of energy and reduce the impact of inertia on the system work. In addition, its safety and reliability are relatively high, and the system can continue to work stably. At the same time, the structure of this system is also relatively light, reducing the load on the vehicle.

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