Let the “life channel” be open so that those in trouble can see hope

The emergency lane is the city's ring road, an indispensable special lane for the expressway. As its name implies, it is only provided for emergency vehicles and special vehicles such as fire fighting and rescue. Normal vehicles are not free to occupy, otherwise they will be punished accordingly. Occasionally occupying emergency lanes can easily cause delays in the rescue of emergency vehicles such as fire fighting and rescues, which will result in the loss of valuable lives for patients who have had a chance to survive. This has made it even more desirable to spread the fire that extinguished hopes, resulting in even greater irreversibility. Loss of life and property.

However, ordinary vehicles are not absolutely not allowed to use emergency lanes. There are exceptions. In the event of a motor vehicle accident or failure that requires parking to wait for rescue, temporary parking can be done in the emergency lane and a hazard warning sign can be placed 150 meters behind the vehicle. And open the double flash waiting for rescue, parked in the emergency lane for a long time is also not desirable. If an emergency situation requires temporary parking on the high-speed emergency lane, it must be ensured that the vehicle is parked in the white line of the emergency lane, cannot exceed the white line defined by the emergency lane, and the vehicle is as close as possible to the high-speed guardrail and away from the traffic lane. You also need to turn on the double flash and place a triangle warning sign 150 meters behind the vehicle. If the visibility is low or night, you need to properly increase the distance between the triangle warning signs to more than 200 meters. Passengers can't stay in the car. They should get out of the car and go to a safe place outside the guardrail. At the same time, as common knowledge, you should not neglect to try to stop at the turning point of the emergency lane so as to minimize the risk of accidents.


For frequent occupancy of lanes, it is necessary to increase the punishment and increase the awareness of ordinary citizens. The setting of emergency lanes has its specific functions. We should abide by laws and regulations and maintain a sense of respect for the emergency lanes, leaving an unimpeded "life channel" for people in need of help.

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