Box-type van material introduction

Van minivans are generally composed of two types of chassis, sub-frames (non-essential) and cargo compartments. After years of continuous development, great changes have taken place in the material and structure of Van-type vans, especially the cargo compartments, which can basically meet the needs of different levels such as loading, unloading, transportation, safety, and economy.

In terms of cargo bed materials, there are several types of steel plates, aluminum plates, FRP composite plates, aluminum-plastic composite plates, and cord fabrics, which are also adapted to the needs of different users.

(1) Steel plate. Such as color steel plate, galvanized plate, plated plastic plate, etc., there are two kinds of production methods: a. Skeleton type, that is 1.2mm steel plate covered in the skeleton (from the load, fixed role) outside, riveted connection, processing is simple, the price Low, more suitable for small-scale production of equipment-free enterprises; b. no skeleton type, that is, 2mm steel plate processed into a container type corrugated shape, used for side, top, door, without skeleton, thus less timber, low price, but High demand for processing equipment. The market share of steel truck vans has gradually shrunk, with no skeleton being the direction.


(2) Aluminum. Including aluminum, aluminum profiles. Aluminum plate: presses rust-proof aluminum plate into triangular ribbed corrugated plate, which is firstly riveted and then riveted as skin and frame (steel or aluminum); aluminum profile: assembled from aluminum alloy block (lap joint). to make. Aluminum vans are particularly favored by mid-to-high end users due to their features such as good visual effect, light weight, no rust, long life, and higher cost than steel cargo.

(3) FRP composite panels. It is composed of glass steel plate (inner and outer layer) and center sandwich (laminate), like a sandwich structure, and is finally composed of aluminum alloy corner pieces to form a skeleton-free car body. This composite board has the advantages of corrosion resistance, stamping resistance, easy cleaning, good sealing, surface suitable for painting, lightness, etc., and is gradually becoming the mainstream of the market.

(4) aluminum plastic composite board. It is made of 0.4mm aluminum plate (inner and outer layer) and 3mm plastic. It is made of special technology and treated with anti-corrosion. It has high strength, strong corrosion resistance, good fire resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, easy maintenance, and processing. Good, flatness, light, etc., is a new type of composite board material, the price is similar to 12mm aluminum.

(5) Cords. One is that the right and left sides of the carriage adopt the (manual or automatic) push-pull cord structure, the upper and lower edges of the cord pass through the pulley, the cord and the top plate and the bottom plate respectively, and the locking device is used; one is a special high-traffic-board ordinary truck The top of the box is equipped with a special (manual or automatic) push-pull cord fabric to form a van, called a canopy van (caravan). In addition to being easy to scratch, not fire-resistant and other deficiencies, the car body is basically equipped with other characteristics of the hard car body, more importantly, to make the car body greatly reduce the quality, and convenient loading and unloading (using forklifts, etc.); external visual appearance, Suitable for spraying; easy to replace.

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