Xiaobian teaches you to develop the hidden function of the light truck radio

In recent years, there have been more and more comfortable configurations on the light-duty trucks, and the functions are becoming more and more complete. The common 8-inch multi-functional entertainment video systems on passenger cars have become common on light-duty trucks. However, the most frequently used and most common radios used by traditional light truck users are often overlooked. In fact, this radio is not very simple.

I believe many card readers who have light trucks know that the radio is the standard on most of the current light trucks. The function is also very clear. As a machine to listen to radio programs, some can read the mobile device by reading the CD, USB or AUX interface. The music is played and played.

Most people only operate the FM knob and volume control knob on the radio. However, many car radios have the function of an equalizer. The so-called "treble sweet mid-range bass" is adjusted by this equalizer, and certainly includes Adjust the left and right channels. Next, Xiao Bian borrowed the radio on the C500 light truck to introduce it to everyone. Those who adjust the volume and select the radio channel are not described.

The first is the “MOOE” button at the top left of the radio, which is used to switch the source of the broadcast. It can switch between FM radio, CD, SD card and USB audio sources. Below this button is the volume control knob, which varies in different modes.

In the middle is the display, below is the regular button and the SD card slot and USB port. On the far right is the function selection area. The middle "SCN" is the search station, and "BAND" is the button for switching the AM (Amplitude (Mid Wave Shortwave))/FM (FM Radio). The "SEL" button is the equalizer's selection button, which can adjust the left and right channels and high and low bass. Here's how to adjust the height and bass of the radio.

In the power-on state, pressing the "SEL" button first enters the BASS adjustment function of the audio and is adjusted by the volume knob.

The “SEL” button independently adjusts the bass, treble, and left and right channels of the radio output speaker. In the power-on state, press the first button of this button to enter the BASS adjustment function of the audio and adjust it with the volume knob. Press again to enter the TREB adjustment, which is also controlled by the volume knob. Press the third, then enter the left and right channel adjustment (BAL), use the volume knob to control the left and right speaker volume output to achieve the control of the left and right channels. When you press the fourth down, you will enter the volume gain switching interface. Turning this function on will enable you to increase the sound without using the volume adjustment knob.


Every new car has a lot of function keys. The newcomers may not be familiar with it when they first start using it. You don't need to worry. If you are slow to learn, you will find other hidden features that make you very useful while driving.

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