Application of Pests and Diseases Indicator Lamps in Prevention and Control of Strawberry Green Pests

In the past April-October of this year, this full-year time was a “double rush” season for pest detection personnel. During this period, the forecasting personnel needed to go back and forth from multiple pest observation sites to check the pests and make accurate predictions. The forecasted report guides farmers in the prevention and control of pests and diseases. This period of time is still the key time for prevention and control of insect pests. However, due to the use of pests and measles lamps, the workload of the surveying personnel has been reduced a lot. However, the effect of the forecasting report is not affected at all. Affected, accuracy of pest and disease prediction in many areas has increased significantly, and the effect of pest control has become more pronounced.

Pest report light

Taking strawberry planting as an example, if pest reporting is not carried out, medications are often not targeted. The result is that a large number of pesticides are sprayed, and the production cost is not increased. The quality of strawberries will also be affected by excessive pesticide residues. The use of artificial forecasting, insect collection, identification of all relying on labor, the need to report personnel into the field deep into the strawberry insect monitoring and reporting point, for observation and statistics, the workload is also very inconvenient, but the pests report lamp application strawberry green pest prevention In control, not only can automatic collection of pests, and statistics of the types and number of pests, reduce the work intensity of staff, but also can effectively improve the accuracy of the forecast, guide the prevention and control of pesticides with low toxicity and high efficiency, improve the ecology of strawberry cultivation Effect, enhance the quality of strawberries.
At present, the green ecology of the agricultural products such as strawberries is getting more and more attention from consumers. Therefore, many regions have already carried out pilot plants for the cultivation of pollution-free strawberries, and the use of pest detection lamps to control green pests in strawberries can help further Strengthen the monitoring of pests and diseases, monitor the occurrence and control of strawberry pests and diseases in the region, and realize the full coverage of insect pest monitoring in the strawberry plantation park. Through the guidance of scientific drug control, it will also help the local strawberry growers to carry out safe production and achieve green without The goal of pollution strawberry cultivation. Not only meet the development needs of the current society, but also can effectively improve the economic efficiency of strawberry cultivation, and increase production and income.

Conveyor Components are essential spare parts of conveyor system. There are many  types of conveyors are available, such as screw, chain and pneumatic. The most commonly used is the belt conveyor. Belt conveyors are the backbone of bulk material handling systems in many different processing plants. These systems use carts or trains to carry heavy materials like rocks or metal. Such as bulk material handling conveyor or bulk conveyor.  The main function of a bulk conveyor system is to continuously transport and supply bulk materials to units in processing plants. Secondary functions include storage and blending.


Please see the structure of typical bulk conveyor below:

Conveyor Components
The structure of a roller conveyor consists of a series of tubes mounted at set intervals. Designed for continuous operation, a belt conveyor can be used in a wide range of capacities and distances, and its length can be a few meters or tens of kilometers.


Raw materials (such as bulk solids and powders) are received from trucks, ships or trains. Then they are unloaded to a yard or storage facility, often using a conveyor system. At either end of the conveyor, the belt wraps around a pulley. To maintain reliability, the principal Belt Conveyor Components – such as idlers, rollers, pulleys, bearings, shafts and belts – must operate under dynamic loads and harsh conditions. 


Main Conveyor Components of US:


Conveyor Idler Components

Idler Bearing Housing

Conveyor Idler Seal


Deep Groove Ball Bearing with C3 C4 clearance



Comb Idler

Taper Idler

Flat Idler

Friction Idler

Guide Idler

Impact Idler

Return Idler

Self-aligning Idler

Spiral Idler

Troughing Idler

Transition Idler



Bend Pulley

Driving Pulley

Head Pulley

Rubber Outset Pulley

Snub Pulley

Standard Pulley

Tail Pulley

Take Up Pulley

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Conveyor Components

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