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Buy a car to mention the car, the car will have to examine the car, after the inspection? Go straight away? Wrong, after the inspection, we must check whether the information is complete. If some documents and documents are forgotten, then it is useless if you bring the car home because you can't play. Today, I talked to you about what information you can't forget to mention.



A vehicle with a certificate can meet the requirements of China's national vehicle equipment quality and related standards, so not all cars have, only domestic cars and joint venture vehicles have a certificate. At the same time, the certificate is also an essential document for the vehicle.

Car purchase invoice

Carefully check all the information on the invoice, such as: invoice amount, ID number, engine number, etc. If this information is wrong, then let the sales directly help you re-invoicing, otherwise such invoices and fake invoices, can not be on the card.

Vehicle purchase tax return

The vehicle purchase tax is a tax imposed on units and individuals that purchase the required vehicles in the country and it evolved from the vehicle purchase surcharge. In the absence of this form, the purchase tax cannot be paid on the vehicle.


Here mainly refers to the insurance policy of strong insurance, of course, you must remember to take other commercial insurance. The compulsory insurance policy is divided into original and copy, which are used to apply for the official license and officially apply for the license.

Extension bar

There are two extensions, one is the engine number and the other is the frame number, which is needed when the new car is on the card.

Editor's Note: If the car you purchased is an imported car, then you need customs declaration form and commodity inspection form. Customs declaration form and commodity inspection form are just the opposite of the certificate. It is an imported car that legally enters China after it meets the requirements of relevant standards. The proof, so only imported cars related to single and commodity inspection orders. However, like the certificate, it is an essential document for importing a license plate.

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