Farmers in 2017 may face these three ways

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Now the big problem facing farmers is that farming is becoming less and less profitable! This can be done well. When soybeans and corn were stored, they did not make big money, but at least they were able to support their families. No pressure, there is still a little surplus. Since the agricultural reform, farmers have become more and more aware that money is hard to earn. Soybeans and corn have been phased out of storage, and prices have fallen sharply. Even if the state subsidizes, it is still difficult for the farmers to gather their pockets.
Recently, the country has also frequently sent signals that rice and wheat should also follow up with reforms. What does this do for farmers? I think that farmers must face these three ways in 17 years.

Farmers in 2017 may face these three ways
Now that the grain price ceiling is under pressure, in order to make China's overall agricultural environment healthy, there is no longer a great deal of protection for farmers in the middle of the country, and the profits of farmers selling food are getting lower and lower. We also want to continue to survive in agriculture.
Reducing production costs: It is not for us not to use production materials, but to unite together by means of group heating, to lower the price of purchasing agricultural materials, to reduce the cost of agricultural machinery, to use land joints, and to use mechanical operations to reduce labor costs.
Improve crop yields: Learn more advanced science and technology, so that limited land can produce more food. Although the price of food has fallen, our output has increased, and how much can make up for the loss of income.
"high quality" land
The former Minister of Agriculture, Han Changfu, also mentioned that it is precisely because the agricultural products we produce are all road goods, and there are no features, they are all the same, it is easy to happen at low prices and selling difficulties.
Therefore, we should consider how to improve the quality of agricultural products in 17 years. We can try green and organic farming methods in a suitable and small area to make your agricultural products unique and have their own characteristics.
In this way, not only will your agricultural product sales problem be solved, but also your agricultural products will be sold at a high price. Everyone knows that people's living standards have improved now. As long as there are good things, it is more expensive to accept.
But first of all, we must do a good job in urban and rural production and marketing docking. Now there are many cities that can't buy good things with money. There are good things in the village that can't be sold, so as long as this can be solved, everything is not a problem.
Leave the countryside and leave the land
In fact, this is not bad. Don't think that farmers must guard their own land. If you really feel that it is a waste of time and a manpower, you can't make a few dollars in one acre. And I still have craftsmanship, there is a way to go, and the money I earn outside is much more than that of farming. It’s really better to transfer the land out to the people who want to plant the land, and let them take off and earn money. Let the land be fully utilized and the best of both worlds.
17 years of farming is still difficult, it depends on where you go!

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