The corn market is ahead of the New Year

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] At present, the corn spot market remains weak. The boosting effect of stocking enterprises with grain at the end of the year has been diluted, trade purchase and sales activities are light, and the market is ahead of the New Year. The impact of the acquisition of grain storage in the later period on the market mentality and market reversal is worth looking forward to. In terms of regional market conditions, this year's northeast low price has made it difficult for China's northern grain outflow, and how to achieve rationality and price in the northeast and north China needs attention.

The corn market is ahead of the New Year
Northeast Producing Area: Temporarily stable after the big fall
After a period of concentrated price cuts, the price cuts in the northeastern producing areas have slowed down recently, and the market prices have stabilized and operated weakly. The collection of drying towers has been greatly reduced, and the market is cautiously watching the atmosphere, expecting policy acquisitions to boost market confidence. Farmers are waiting for the market to pick up in the need to realize cash and low prices, but in the short term, downward pressure on prices is still dominant.
North China: It is a trend to move closer to the northeast price
Although the overall market is in a downturn, the regional imbalance in the price reduction process still exists. The decline in grain prices in North China is significantly smaller than that in the northeast. The northeastern grain-producing north China advantage is prominent. Recently, the northeast corn import and export flows to the north of China to maintain the incremental trend. The demand for stocks in North China's grain enterprises was light. It is expected that the grain price in the northeast will fall closer to the northeast before the emergence of the northeast grain price rebound.
Southern sales area: Feeding stocks shrink in the fall in food prices
With the approaching of the Spring Festival, the southern feed enterprises continue to stock up, but the continuous price reduction and supply are sufficient to narrow the size of the company's stocking. In addition, the demand for energy raw materials is declining at the end of the year, and it is difficult to boost the sales market before the festival. The northeast grain price is fully shown in the sales area, and the share of the grain market in North China has been “recaptured” by the northeast corn.
North and South Ports: After the New Year's Day, the North Port shipping period is significantly reduced
At present, the price of corn in the north and south ports has remained volatile, and short-term ups and downs are lacking in kinetic energy. Inventories in the southern ports were excessive and the import of imported goods in January was concentrated. The demand for sales areas slowed down and the southern ports rebounded. The reduction of the shipping schedule of the port of Beigang and the weakening of purchases and sales in the production areas supported the bottom of the price of Beigang.
Feed farming: the pre-holiday pig market may maintain stable and moderately strong operation
Recently, the price of live pigs has risen steadily. The traditional practice of killing pigs in the north and making bacon in the south before the Lunar New Year will continue to support the operation of the pig market before the Spring Festival. In the live poultry market, the bird flu epidemic reported by the media has not spread at present, but in the near future, the breeding epidemic will occur frequently. The enthusiasm of the farmers is not high, and the price of the chicks is weak.
Deep processing: pay attention to the price drop of DDGS
In recent days, domestic DDGS prices have entered the down range, with a weekly decline of 50-150 yuan / ton. Domestic corn prices will fall, domestic soybean meal prices will fall, farming demand will slow down, and imported DDGS will be concentrated in Hong Kong in January. It is expected that domestic DDGS prices will remain weak in the short term.

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