Theoretical basis of leaching--the thermodynamics of leaching process (2)

By plotting the normal temperature ε-pH map, as long as the thermodynamic data of each reaction substance under the conditions under study is determined, the ε-pH diagram of the complex-water system (Fig. 2) and ε under hot pressure can also be plotted. pH map (Figure 3) and Figure (4).

The ε-pH map can be used to easily judge the trend and conditions of the leaching process. The ε-pH map can also be used for precipitation, electrowinning and other processes. It can be seen from Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 that when oxidant is present, FeS 2 is unstable at any pH and can be oxidized to S 0 , HSO - 4 , SO 4 2- , but FeS cannot directly react to form S 0 . Therefore, the thermodynamic conditions of the leaching can be selected according to the ε-pH map of the MS-H 2 O system.
He has published iron, gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, cobalt, titanium, tin, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, aluminum, arsenic, tantalum, selenium, etc. ε-pH diagram, which can be used for metal, hydroxide Processes such as leaching of oxides and sulfides, purification of immersion liquids, and electrowinning. However, since the thermodynamic data of the components of the reaction system are incomplete or unreliable, the current ε-pH maps related to metal minerals are still few, and most of the published ε-pH maps of the M-H 2 O system.

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