Open-pit mining of Yanjin Mine--Application of deep hole loosening controlled blasting in Haotian Mine

Yangjishan Hill gold mine has been using protective pot agents burst in the open pit mining method in. Due to the blasting of the method, seismic waves, shock waves and flying stones are seriously threatened and endangered by the surrounding farmland and civil house safety. In June 1989, the mine decided to conduct research on the controlled blasting of the medium-deep hole loosening joint with the research institute.
The experimental research is mainly based on the scene. Firstly, the blasting safety distance is theoretically discussed. The determination of the explosiveness of the mine and rock and the determination of the single-use q value of the explosive are carried out, and then the on-site blasting parameters test is carried out. The blasting parameters are mainly based on the pore size and are gradually tested from small to large.
I. Technical conditions of mineral rock
The orientation of the ore body is consistent with the regional tectonic line, which is distributed in the east-west direction, tending to the south, with a dip angle of 60°-70°, the Platts coefficient of the ore is generally 5-6, the ore weight is 3.44t/m 3 , and the loosening coefficient of the surrounding rock is 1.5.
Second, open pit mining technical parameters
The step height is 10m, the step slope angle is 70°, and the drilling equipment adopts KD-80 type down-the-hole drill with a hole diameter of 80-120mm.
Third, the test plan
Loose blasting is used to gradually increase the unit consumption of explosives. The No. 2 ammonium strontium rock explosive was used, and the detonating tube was detonated. The blastholes were intermittently charged and the holes were slightly different.
(1) Deep hole arrangement: inclined deep hole, inclined angle = step slope angle.
(2) Blasting parameters: the minimum resistance line of the hole diameter of 90mm is 3.0m; the hole spacing is 3.0m (single row of holes); the ultra-deep is 1.4m; the charging length is 7~8m (two-stage charge); the packing length is 4~4.4 m; the outside interval of the hole is 50 ms.
Fourth, the test results
The q value is 0.375~0.415kg/m 3 , the burst width is 14.5-19m, and the ore block is below 200mm, accounting for 92%. The tremor is obviously weakened during blasting.
After years of production trials, the research has achieved great economic benefits for the mine, effectively controlling the damage of flying stones, mitigating the effects of earthquakes, and reducing the unit consumption and bulk rate of explosives.

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