What are the common technologies used in smart home?

With the popularization of the concept of smart home, more and more smart home products have entered ordinary people's homes. However, there are several commonly used smart home technology? I think many people do not know, because the use of smart home technology, but also caused the equipment between the brands are not necessarily compatible, understand their smart home what Kind of technology, we later in the time to add related smart home products to become more confident, will not appear to buy products due to technical incompatibility caused by the embarrassment can not be used. Currently, the three main smart home technologies include bus technology, wireless communication technology and power line carrier technology. Below by the Yangtze smart home Xiaobian for you one by one.

First, the bus technology

The main feature of the bus technology is that all the devices communicate and control are concentrated on a bus, is a fully distributed intelligent control network technology, its product module has the ability of two-way communication, as well as interoperability and interchangeability, and its control components are Can be programmed. The more influential bus technologies in the market include LonWorks, KNX, EIB, CAN, BACNet and so on. Bus technology products more suitable for building intelligent and community intelligence and other large area control, the advantage is that the technology is mature, the system is stable, high reliability, the application is also more extensive, but the general installation and installation is more complex and costly, Long duration, only applies to newly renovated or rehabilitate old homes need to re-wiring users, and the need for professional maintenance later.

Second, power line carrier technology

Power line carrier technology make full use of the existing power grid, both ends of the modem, directly to 50Hz AC carrier, and then a few hundred KHz pulse modulation signal, the signal transmission and control. Due to the high requirements of power line carrier technology for the stability of the power grid, at present, this kind of technology is currently only used in a few areas such as remote power meter reading, building intercom and lighting control.

Third, wireless technology

At present, the most commonly used wireless technologies for smart home are WiFi, Zigbee, 433MHz and infrared wireless technologies. Wireless technology due to not wiring, construction convenience, do not have to make major changes to existing home lines to achieve the installation of smart home, while the latter part of the maintenance and expansion is also very convenient, more and more smart home manufacturers and users sought after.

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