Analysis and Countermeasures of Problems in Digital Mine Construction

Since the "fifteen" plan for the realization of China's coal mine coal mine high yield and efficient, ensure safety in production, the vast majority of high-gas coal mine safety monitoring system to establish a mine, and they are being equipped with a pressure monitoring system mines, underground personnel positioning system, various Production control and auxiliary production control systems, industrial television and centralized control systems for coal preparation plants, the use of these systems has significantly improved the level of coal mine production and safety management [1].
In recent years, in order to further improve the overall safety warning level and production efficiency of coal mines, to achieve centralized monitoring of the safety status of coal mines and remote control of key production links, and ultimately achieve the purpose of mine intrinsic safety and reduction of people and efficiency, domestic Large and medium-sized coal mines have been equipped with integrated mine automation systems, established a high-speed transmission network for underground to the ground, various servers and storage devices, data integration platforms and display platforms to eliminate information islands and achieve centralized sharing of various types of safety production data. And through the visualization software to achieve digital mines [2]. However, from the current operational effects of the digital mine platforms in the large and medium-sized coal mines in China, basically only the common network transmission and centralized monitoring of safety production data and the three-dimensional visualization of some mines have been realized, and there is still a big gap from the initial target planning. In particular, there is still much work to be done in process optimization control, disaster prediction, data mining and decision support.

This paper analyzes the status quo and existing problems of digital mine construction, and provides a reference for the realization of a complete visual mine platform that can predict, pre-control, and assist the scientific decision-making of the mine.
1 Digital mine construction status
With the continuous improvement of the informationization requirements of the state and the coal industry, digital construction has become an important part of the overall development strategy of coal enterprises. Domestic large coal enterprises have begun to explore and implement the integration of the two. The main performance is as follows:
(1) Most of the coal mine enterprises have set up a special leading group of digital and administration, and safety aspects of production invested a lot of capital to build a high-speed backbone data transmission network, such as Industrial Ethernet or Gigabit GEPON, as Data transfer provides a channel; a dispatch command center is set up, equipped with advanced large-screen display system and advanced network server storage device to provide a platform for data storage and display; a large number of information management software, including integrated automation software and 3D visualization The software provides a means for data collection and processing; it is equipped with a large number of sensors and actuators in the safe production process, which has established a good foundation for digital construction.
(2) The digital mining platform has played a certain role in the safety production of coal mine enterprises, and promoted the development of safety production management from decentralized and single information construction to comprehensive and integrated development, effectively achieving comprehensive monitoring of mine safety and production links. Monitoring, and can achieve local remote control, some mines have also achieved three-dimensional simulation of the mine [3].
(3) The role of digital mining platforms in most coal mining enterprises is more of a facade, and the substantial role in daily safe production has not been fully utilized. Main performance: 1 dispatchers usually do not pay attention to digital mine platform information, and related information monitoring and remote control are mainly managed by professional engineering stations; 2 all control is through the engineering station for single-link operation or on-site control, no The related control is optimized through the process to improve production efficiency. 3 The role of big data is not fully utilized. The data on most digital platforms is not analyzed and analyzed, and no reference information is provided for refined management, but simple data accumulation; 4 There is less work in disaster prediction and alarm linkage, and there is no relevant application in energy conservation and consumption reduction management and fault tracking and positioning, and it has not achieved the goal of energy saving, consumption reduction and efficiency improvement.
2 problem analysis
The overall goal of digital mine construction is mainly concentrated in three aspects of safety, production and management. It is necessary to realize the digitization of mine resources and mining environment, visualization and automation of production process, scientific management decision-making, and management personnel of different professions and levels. Provide the required information to improve the pre-control ability and production efficiency of mine safety forecasting and forecasting. However, from the current application status of the digital mining platform, there is still a big gap between the target and many other issues that need to be studied and solved. The specific analysis is as follows:
(1) Although the coal mining enterprises are equipped with digital mining platforms, due to the lack of leadership attention, there is no division of responsibility for the business application of the platform. At the same time, because the system itself is complex and large, it is inconvenient to find information, resulting in the platform being only a facade. Can not be applied, the business departments still operate according to their original mode, professional and technical personnel through the original stand-alone monitoring platform for real-time monitoring and remote control, not fully play the role of the platform.
(2) Due to the low intelligence level and low anti-interference ability of the sensor in the underground operation site, when the frequency conversion equipment is widely used in the underground coal mine, the data often appears abnormal, and the unreliable actuator and protection device cause the dispatcher to Remote control is not at ease, remote control is only used during the test, and the production site needs to be on duty during normal production. At present, there are many manufacturers engaged in the digital construction of mines. Due to different professional fields and lack of overall grasp of the objectives of digital mines, the digital mine platforms constructed have different emphasis. At the same time, due to the complicated underground coal mine environment, there are many uncertain factors and complicated production processes. No manufacturer can conduct a comprehensive and in-depth study on the connection process of each production link in the mine. Therefore, all control is still
Process optimization control is not implemented through the engineering station for single-link operation or on-site operation.
(3) Since all manufacturers are considering the data integration and display when doing digital mine construction, they do not consider how to use the data and how to exert the effect of these data on the fine management of coal mines, and do not study the management of coal mines in depth. Business, in the digital and security production business management, the degree of integration is not high, can not provide decision support for managers, resulting in the platform is not obvious for coal mine management personnel.

(4) Although data integration is currently implemented, the information related to mine safety is relatively scattered, requiring manual search and simple alarm mode. In addition, since the complete security early warning model requires relatively comprehensive data parameters for support, as the basic data provider, most of the current safety production subsystems are only equipped with the main monitoring equipment, and some parameters need to be manually entered. Indirectly, the results of the security warning predictions do not truly reflect the actual situation. At the same time, due to the harsh underground environment, the traditional communication method cannot be extended to the end of information collection, and some of the data and video that need to be collected cannot be transmitted, which is difficult to achieve human security.
3 main countermeasures
As the benefits of coal mines decline, coal mine users are increasingly aware of the importance of refined management. They need to completely change the original extensive management model, shift to refined management, and be safe and effective in management. Therefore, many coal mining enterprises have begun to The original digital mine platform was re-evaluated. Although the current digital mining platform has not achieved the expected construction goals, the basic equipment such as high-speed network transmission channels, various server devices, database platforms, large-screen displays, and various automation subsystems have been completed, and have already established a certain foundation. How to regulate the daily management of coal mines, reuse existing infrastructure, improve related equipment, improve equipment intelligence, optimize process control and data utilization are particularly important. In view of the problems in the construction of digital mines, this paper proposes the following countermeasures.

3.1 conversion management method and optimization platform
First of all, it is necessary for the leaders of coal mining enterprises to pay attention to the promotion and application of the digital platform, to be able to effectively divide the responsibility of business applications, to promote the use of digital mining platforms by various departments, and to change the current status of unmanned and unmanned use of digital mining platforms.

Secondly, it is necessary to classify the information, and it is possible to extract data from the big data center according to the information demand of each business management department, and display the information of interest to one interface in a centralized manner, and not to be placed in multiple interfaces by the management personnel to search, thereby Simplify the operation of managers, ensuring that the information of interest can be displayed as long as the user logs into the system.

Furthermore, the digital mine platform should be made into a reconfigurable information page similar to the configuration software, so that the user can re-customize the information page according to the actual management requirements later, without having to implement it through the manufacturer, thereby realizing humanized management.

3.2 Establish a professional-level control center

In addition to the working surface, the mine production process has basically realized remote control, which is mainly completed by each automation subsystem or completed in situ, and is operated by different operators. In order to improve production efficiency and save energy, it is necessary to change the current single-machine control mode, research the entire production process and process, and establish a process control model of the associated system, and establish corresponding control centers according to different professions, such as production business process control. Center, ventilation business process control center, drainage business process control center, power supply business process control center.

The production business process control center is mainly oriented to the production department, and realizes one-button start-stop control from the coal mining face to the working face roadway tape to the main transportation and main lifting of the whole production process; the ventilation business process control center faces the ventilation management department. Centralized monitoring of ventilation network and centralized optimization control of ventilation machine; drainage business process control center is oriented to electromechanical management department, mainly to collect water from small water pocket to transfer water tank, and then to centralized control of central pump room; power supply business process control center For the power supply management department, it mainly realizes centralized monitoring and fault tracking and positioning of the power supply network of the substation and underground substation. In each process control process, it is necessary to link the logic of each link and solve the problem of lockout control. Through the establishment of the professional control center, the business departments can efficiently and conveniently manage the relevant production and auxiliary production links.

In order to achieve reliable control, it is necessary to make specification requirements for on-site sensors, control actuators, and intrinsically safe power sources from the level of anti-interference, intelligence, and whether to support remote management. At the same time, the equipment that does not meet the specifications is modified or replaced, effectively improving the site. Equipment reliability [4].
3.3 Realize Big Data Application and Management
At present, most coal mining enterprises have established data centers, realized unified storage management of big data, how to realize further mining and analysis of big data, and summarized the information that daily leaders care about, which can realize refined energy saving and efficiency management. It is very important. For example, the coal mine data center has stored information about the production plan and actual production status of each team, the actual operation and fault record of the production process, the energy consumption of water and electricity, and the consumption of major materials, as long as the information is extracted and corresponding The correlation analysis can provide the leaders with reference information such as the load rate, failure rate and energy efficiency ratio of each production link and the whole mine, and can also compare the relevant information of the brother units as benchmarks, thereby further improving production efficiency and energy saving. Provide a basis for reducing consumption and saving costs.
3.4 Improve information collection and display methods
Another major goal of the digital mine platform is to realize the effective evaluation of the various hazard sources of the mine and the overall safety warning and forecast through the data analysis of the whole mine, and realize the scientific and standardized large-scale electromechanical equipment of the coal mine through the dynamic and static detection of the equipment operation. Systematic management [5-6]. In recent years, many experts and scholars have established different mathematical models for this study, but in the field application, the data collected is not comprehensive enough and the effect is not good.

After years of informatization construction, most coal mines have built a high-speed backbone transmission network, which can realize the collection of most on-site monitoring data. To ensure the integrity of data collection, it is necessary to realize the last one-meter transmission in the harsh environment. Network to ensure full coverage of the underground network. After research and analysis, the mature and suitable technologies are WiFi, ZigBee and wired DSL technologies. These technologies can overcome the problems of inconvenient construction and movement of existing transmission cables and optical cables, and also ensure transmission bandwidth, which can be used as a downhole network. Extension.

In the production process anomaly and the safety monitoring of the working environment, video images have been popular with visual surveillance. However, due to the large number of on-site cameras, there are fewer monitoring devices in the dispatching room, and there is no guarantee that there will be an abnormal time to view them. Therefore, it needs to be solved. Intelligent identification of downhole images under conditions of high dust, low illumination, and light shadows, to ensure that video images are switched to the front-end display in time when there is an abnormality at the job site, and the video images are associated with the on-site sensing devices. When the fault or the working environment is dangerous, the video image screen can be displayed in linkage to improve the monitoring efficiency.
4 Conclusion
The current situation and existing problems of digital mine construction in China are analyzed, and corresponding countermeasures are proposed. The next step is to evaluate the key technologies of foreign advanced coal mining countries, and to study key technologies to solve the core problems affecting the normal operation of digital mining platforms. And establish a demonstration application to truly achieve people's efficiency and human safety.

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Source of this article: Industrial and Mining Automation 2014, 11 (40)
Author: He Yaoyi, Coal Science and Industry Group Changzhou Research Institute Ltd., Changzhou, Jiangsu 213005
Wu Wei , Department of Mechanical and Electrical Management , Xinan Coal Chemical Industry ( Group ) Co., Ltd. , Hami 839003 , Xinjiang , China

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