Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of road transport and rail transport.

Description of road transport, railway transport advantages and disadvantages.

A: 1. Road transport

Advantages: a. Compared with railway transportation, it has higher flexibility. b. Conducive to the use of mobile pit line development, staged or sub-division mining, steep operation, is conducive to mining, sub-assembly, distribution, high-step and close-range drainage; c. for scattered, small-scale, mining Short-term deposits and automobile transportation methods have high economic rationality.

Disadvantages: a. The fuel and tire consumption of automobile transportation is large, the transportation cost is high, and the economic transportation distance is short; b. The maintenance and repair technology of the automobile is complicated, and it is necessary to construct a maintenance and repair base; c. The automobile transportation is greatly affected by the weather. Wind, snow and ice weather is difficult to drive, especially in mines with poor hydrogeological conditions and poor drainage; d. In deep open pit mines, the exhaust from cars will also cause air pollution in open pit mines.

2. Railway transportation

Advantages: a. Low line resistance, low transportation cost, suitable for long transportation distance, can bear large traffic; b. Equipment supply is sufficient, can use various types of energy and locomotive type; c. Equipment and lines Rugged and reliable; d. The operation is easy to control automatically, and can adapt to various climatic conditions.

Disadvantages: a. The climbing ability is small, the curve radius is large, and the plane size of the stope is required to be large, so the line engineering volume is large and the capital construction investment is large; b. The line maintenance and transfer engineering volume is large, the transportation management is complicated, and the transportation volume is passed by the line. Capacity limitation; c. Influenced by the burial conditions and topographic conditions of the ore body, low mining intensity, difficulty in selecting ore mining, and limited mining scale.

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