Rotary crusher liner replacement range? How to replace?

When the thickness of the lining plate is worn by two-thirds, no wear and tear, or the discharge port is enlarged to be unable to adjust, the lining plate needs to be replaced, and different replacement ranges can be determined according to the wear and rupture conditions:

1. The rack and the broken cone lining are all replaced at the same time.

Second, only replace one of the rack or the crushing cone.

Third, only replace the frame, the broken cone lower liner.

4. Replace only the lower lining of one of the frame or the crushing cone.

Fifth, only partial replacement.

When replacing the rack lining, if the old lining is not taken out, it can be cut by gas welding and the inner surface of the rack can be cleaned. The newly cast concrete on the back of the lining is made of cement No. 500-600 and sand, and the ratio is mixed at a mass ratio of 1:3. Before casting, the lining should be polished to make the concrete and it firmly joined.

After the concrete is cast, it must be trimmed so that the ribs on the back of the lining are in close contact with the frame, and the concrete must be fully cured and dried before it can be put into use, otherwise the service life will be affected.

When replacing the broken conical lining, do not damage the cone during cutting the lining. After the lower cone lining is installed, the adjustment ring at the lower part of the cone is used to maintain a gap of 1-2 mm between the lower lining and the cone. After the top plate mounted on the compression nut should be attached first, and then cast zinc alloy. Before casting, the cone and the lining plate should be preheated at 60-80 °C. The gap between the joints of the lining plate should be plugged with asbestos and clay to prevent the zinc alloy from leaking out. After the liner has been poured into the alloy, the compression nut and the locking plate are attached to make it tightly fixed.

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