The technology research and development atmosphere is concentrating on the instrumentation industry to usher in the opportunity of breaking the bureau

On May 5th, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province issued “Several Policy Measures for Zhengzhou to Increase Investment in R&D of the Whole Society”, “Several Policy Measures for Zhengzhou City to Further Accelerate the Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carriers”, “Several Policies for Zhengzhou City to Support the Development of Science and Technology Enterprises' Financing "Three policies, come up with real money to support the research and development of enterprises.

The document proposes that it will subsidize the technology of the young eagle enterprise, the science and technology small giant enterprise, the technology gazelle enterprise and the leading enterprise of science and technology innovation, and open a reward of 20 million yuan; for the newly identified national, provincial and municipal level, create space and stars. Carriers such as Chuangtiandi and technology business incubators will provide 2 million yuan in subsidies; provide solutions for financing problems and financing problems for technology-based enterprises, and reward 5 million yuan for supporting enterprises in the board of science and technology and listed companies on the GEM.

As an important part of the manufacturing industry, instrumentation plays an important role in industrial production. In some high-end research and development projects, instrumentation has an irreplaceable role and has always been valued by the whole world, especially for China. Words. Many well-known, due to factors such as the start of the night, China's instrumentation manufacturing industry has a weak development, low technical level, and has not made breakthroughs in many core technologies. At the same time, under the influx of large foreign companies, domestically produced instruments The market of the instrument industry is constantly compressing, which further limits the development of the domestic instrumentation industry and creates a vicious circle. At the beginning of 2019, the international giants' self-proclaimed product technology and substantial price hikes have aroused the resonance of many colleges and universities, and also unveiled the fig leaf of the domestic instrumentation industry. It is understood that as of 2018, there are about 1,800 NMR spectrometers in the country, of which more than 1,400 are from foreign suppliers, and only 50 are made in China.

In order to promote the research and development of instrumentation and instrumentation enterprises, China also provides funds and guidance for instrumentation and instrumentation enterprises through the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Science and Technology Major Project, the National Key R&D Program, the Technology Innovation Guidance Special Fund (fund) and the base talent special program. In the past 10 years, the total investment in basic research in China has grown at an average annual growth rate of nearly 15%, from 15.58 billion yuan in 2006 to 97.55 billion yuan in 2017. The funds invested have been increasing.

In the 2018 annual project declaration guideline of the National Key R&D Program Key Project with a total budget of about 600 million yuan issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, a number of instrumentation projects were planned. For example, a new architecture of instrumentation based on semantic interaction integration; in-situ calibration technology based on quantum effects; new instrumentation with edge computing capability; instrumentation reliability design and verification technology for harsh environments; high performance vacuum Monitoring instruments; real-time online measuring instruments for special working conditions; high-performance special control valves.

Guided by these measures, China's innovation in many fields and new market players have achieved a lot of growth, and the vitality of innovation has been continuously released. Many companies are constantly developing new technologies. In 2017, the company invested RMB 137.3 billion in research and development, accounting for 78.5% of the total social investment. In addition, Huizhong, Jicheng Electronics, Sanchuan Wisdom, Xintian Technology, Ningbo Water Meter and other enterprises have gradually increased their investment in NB-IoT technology research and development in 2018, and the expenses accounted for more than 20% of the total operating cost.

The continuous investment of funds has also promoted a number of major scientific and technological achievements. According to incomplete statistics, China's leading "International Standard ISO16063-33: 2017 "Vibration and Shock Sensor Calibration Method: Magnetic Sensitivity Test", "Microscope Optical Key Component Connection Dimensions", "Measurement, Control and Laboratory Electrical Equipment" Safety requirements Section 2-203: Special requirements for industrial communication equipment) have been established or published. With the development of new technologies, the domestic instrumentation industry is expected to take the initiative in the international market.

At present, China is actively constructing a technological innovation system that is based on enterprises and integrates production, education and research. It will be a good opportunity for instrument and instrument enterprises. On the one hand, instrumentation and instrumentation enterprises should strengthen strategic research and judgment, improve their judgment ability, and enhance the forward-looking and predictive systemicity of science and technology innovation policies. On the other hand, instrumentation can be combined with universities and research institutes to form a consortium of industry, academia and research institutes to jointly carry out the core. Technology research and development, to achieve the core breakthrough of technology.

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