Ai Lifu burglar alarm: high voltage pulse electronic fence science

Nowadays, people's demand for housing is no longer the same. It requires not only enough space, but also whether the location of the house is convenient, the environment, and the lighting conditions are required, but the concern is the safety of the house. Today's social science and technology are developed, and the means of lawless elements are also emerging. Therefore, if you want to live in peace of mind, you must have reliable defense measures to protect the safety of your home. For example, a high-voltage pulse electronic fence alarm system is installed in the perimeter of the house to protect the personal property of the house.
The high-voltage pulse electronic fence adopts the internationally-wide perimeter security and the perimeter alarm concept, with “blocking as the main and alarm as the supplement”. That is, the intruder is blocked from the perimeter, and the crime is stopped before the incident occurs, so that the intruder can retreat. When the intruder forcibly invades, the alarm system will issue an alarm to inform the security personnel to connect the TV monitoring system in parallel. This is completely different from the traditional alarm and monitoring, because the traditional alarm and monitoring can only provide information and records when the event occurs or after the event, but can not effectively prevent the invasion of outsiders.
1. High-voltage pulsed electronic fence with complete and clear boundary, with strong blocking and deterrent effect.
2. Intelligent alarm function with extremely low false alarm rate.
3. It has an alarm interface, which can be linked with other security systems to improve the security level of the system.
System composition
The high-voltage pulse electronic fence system is mainly composed of two parts: a detector and an electronic fence. Typically, electronic fences are installed outdoors, along existing walls such as brick walls, concrete walls or iron fences.
Scope of application Military bases, airports, prisons, detention centers, factories, high-end residential quarters, farms, mining areas, etc.
1, deterrent sense high-voltage pulse electronic fence This is a new concept of the perimeter alarm system, namely the "tangible" alarm system. It really gives the intruder a deterrent feeling and blocking effect, so that it increases a psychological burden before committing crimes. Do not dare to act rashly, to achieve prevention, reduce the number of crimes, and improve the reliability of the system.
2, low false positive rate and adaptability Because the high-voltage pulse electronic fence system uses a new alarm detection and control system to ensure a very low false positive rate. Because it is not affected by other environmental factors (such as trees, small animals, vibrations, etc.) and climate (such as rain, fog, wind, snow, etc.). It is not limited by the height of the terrain and the tortuous shape of the boundary. It is not used in the perimeter environment of line of sight and straight lines and flat areas, unlike systems such as infrared and microwave walls.
Design and installation:
1. The design of the electronic fence is equipped with appropriate electronic fences that meet the requirements according to different security levels. The security level is usually divided into three levels:
(1) Deterrent - There is a zone throughout the perimeter, such as a 4-wire system mounted on the top of the wall. Has a blocking alarm and deterrent effect.
(2) Medium security level. The length of each zone is not more than 300 meters, and more than 300 meters should be divided into multiple zones.
(3) High security level. The length of each zone is set at 100 meters and the entire fence is divided into multiple zones. Each zone has its own independent trigger alarm that indicates the zone in which the alarm is located. The alarm output is usually linked to other security systems such as CCTV, infrared radiation, spotlights, and alarms. In actual use, the length of each zone should be set according to length, terrain and economic needs.
2. The installation of the electronic fence is divided into three basic installation forms: independent, attached and wall-top according to the installation position at the site.
A freestanding electronic fence that is erected directly on the ground. Its height is about 2 meters, and generally 10-12 cables are installed. Considering the equipment and personal safety, it is required to install a protective wall or wall of not less than 1.2m on one side or both sides of the free-standing electronic fence. The clearance distance between them should be no less than 1m. The normal working area of ​​the freestanding electronic fence is placed in an enclosed area that is generally difficult for the public to access.
The attached electronic fence is attached to the fence, and the attached electronic fence is mainly used in places where there is a high level of safety and does not occupy the surrounding land. There are three requirements for the existing wall. First, the wall should have sufficient fastness to withstand the tension and pressure of the electronic fence. Second, the height of the wall should be no less than 2m. Third, the mesh of the wall must be less than 50mm to prevent human hand from reaching and touching the electronic fence attached to the inside of the wall. Wall-top electronic fences are more popular in China and are placed above or at the top of existing walls. It can be installed vertically or at a certain angle. The height of the electronic fence is about 0.8m.

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